Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5862

  Lin Wan Er shook her head and said, “There is no need to be so troublesome, listening to the meaning of that security master just now, that tea tree is heavily guarded, 24 hour surveillance without dead angle filming, the security guards are also on 24 hour shifts, even if we think of a way to blend in, there is no way for me to pay homage to it;”

“Moreover, it has been treated as a tea production area for so many years, now suddenly saying that there are ashes buried under the tree, and people go there to worship, it doesn’t sound like something that would happen in recent times, instead, it will attract suspicion, I don’t think we need to toss back to Poole, there are still more than a hundred kilometres from Banna, let’s go directly to Banna.”

Ye Chen thought about it and spoke, “Why don’t we just buy Zhicheng Group directly.”

“Huh?” Lin Wan’er was stunned and said offhandedly, “This is too much of a hustle ……”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “It’s fine, a group that sells tea, and it’s not the biggest in Diannan, it’s estimated that the market value of a few billion will top the sky, I’ll do this.”

Lin Wan’er busily said, “I’m worried that Wu Feiyan’s Zhongjun Dudu is deeply rooted in Diannan, although they have now entered a quiet period, but if there is too much action in Diannan, it is definitely still hard to escape their ears and eyes ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said in a very calm manner, “It’s fine, it’s just a normal business acquisition, what’s in their way? What’s more, who would have thought that you would get involved with the tea company? After all, after you left Dali, Wu Feiyan did not find your whereabouts, she simply does not know where you left Dali to go, also do not know that you buried your parents in Puer, not to mention that you live in Banna guarding the mother of Pu Tea for many years, the reason why you are worried, because these clues you know yourself, so you are afraid that other people can run through the relationship between them, but for people other than you, as long as you leave out one of the links, it is impossible to compound the complete chain of evidence.”

Saying that, he looked at Lin Wan’er and said in a firm tone, “Leave this matter to me, you can leave it alone, I will arrange everything, just wait for me to make a call.”

Lin Wan Er was lightly biting her lips at the moment, she also felt that what Ye Chen said made sense, moreover, Ye Chen suddenly took this matter over, it also gave her a feeling in her heart that she could rely on others for the first time.

Thinking for a moment, she gently nodded her head and gratefully whispered, “Then …… then I’ll be obliged to Gongzi ……”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and immediately took out his mobile phone, making a call to Su Zhi Yu.

The Su family, in the eyes of the outside world, was originally the Ye family’s nemesis, and if this Zhicheng Group allowed the Su family to step in to buy it, it would naturally be more secure.

The phone was connected, Su Zhi Yu on the other end of the phone with joy and with a few points of respect asked, “Mr Ye, what are your orders for calling Zhi Yu?”

Ye Chen spoke, “Miss Su, I’m looking for you to do me a favour.”

Su Zhi Yu hurriedly said, “Mr Ye you don’t have to be so polite with Zhi Yu, if there’s anything you want to order, Zhi Yu will definitely do it with all her might!”

Ye Chen said, “You help me buy Zhicheng Group in Diannan now, the faster the better!”