Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5860

  Although Erlang Mountain changed its name, but because it has always been used as a tea producing area, so there has been no drastic renovation and development over the years, the biggest trace of development, is Zhicheng Group themselves to build a cement road from the national highway straight down the mountain, and they also in the plains area at the foot of the mountain, built a tea processing plant.

When the car is still more than ten kilometres away from Erlang Mountain, the lush green mountain can already be seen in the sight in front of the car.

Lin Wan’er, who was on the side, had also become a little overwhelmed with excitement.

Seeing that she kept rubbing her hands nervously, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Are you sure that your parents are buried on this mountain?”

“Sure.” Lin Wan’er said, “The name of the mountain has changed, but the appearance has not changed, it must be here.”

Saying this, she added, “I just don’t know if that Pu’er Tea Tree is still there, if the tree is gone, it might be a little difficult to find it.”

Ye Chen said, “It’s fine, I’ll accompany you to look for it until I find it.”

Lin Wan’er nodded gratefully and said to Ye Chen, “If that Pu’er Tea Tree is still alive, it should have a thousand years of lifespan, and it’s definitely the biggest and most lush tea tree here.”

As she said that, she couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “However, it’s still not even close to the 10,000-year-lived Mother of Pu’er Tea by the Heavenly Pond.”

Ye Chen laughed, “A thousand years and ten thousand years, there’s an unknown number of generations difference here.”

As the distance got closer, the details of Erlang Mountain could be seen more and more clearly.

Lin Wan’er she pointed at an extraordinarily dense tea tree near the top of the mountain, and said excitedly to Ye Chen, “If I’m right, my parents’ ashes, were buried under that tree by me!”

Ye Chen looked up and saw that on the peak line on the side close to the top of the mountain, there was a huge tree towering amongst them, the whole mountain was basically a tea tree with uniform specifications and about a metre high, the only one that grew extraordinarily tall, so even if it was a long way away, it could be discerned.

Thinking of the story that Lin Wan Er said about the mother of Pu tea, Ye Chen did not feel surprised, thinking that this tea tree, although certainly not as good as the mother of Pu tea, but it should also be a long history, quite spiritual.

When the car was almost at the foot of the mountain, Ye Chen was a little bit difficult all of a sudden.

Zhicheng Group relies on the tea factory at the bottom of the mountain, with an iron fence will include Erlang Mountain, including several mountains all surrounded.

Above the iron fence, there were even monitoring probes, as well as a circle of barbed wire.

Although the cement road led to the foot of the mountain, it was blocked by the gate of the park when it was still one kilometre away from the foot of the mountain, and Ye Chen could only park his car at the gate.

Inside the gate, a security guard saw this and immediately ran out, jogging all the way to the car window and asked Ye Chen vigilantly, “What are you doing?”

Ye Chen then said, “Master, I want to find the person in charge of your place to talk about co-operation, please give a briefing.”