Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5859

When Jimmy’s state became more and more stable, Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er had already driven to arrive in Diananpur.

This city named after tea had a history of more than a thousand years, and it was not only a post on the Ancient Tea Horse Road back then, but nowadays it was also an important source of Pu’er Tea.

When Lin Wan’er left Dali, she brought her parents’ ashes out of Dali and finally buried them in Puer.

Having not returned here for more than three hundred years, Lin Wan’er could not remember the original appearance of the city at all.

According to Lin Wan’er, she only brought out her parents’ urns from Dali, and when she was buried in Poole, she secretly chose a feng shui place to bury the two urns, and didn’t buy her parents’ coffins or outer coffins, and even more so, she didn’t build a grave or a tombstone.

It is basically as hard as heaven to find two urns buried more than three hundred years ago here.

However, it was good that Lin Wan’er remembered that the place where her parents were quietly buried back then was a tea mountain called Erlang Mountain.

Moreover, Lin Wan’er also remembered that she buried her parents’ urns under the largest and thickest Pu’er Tea Tree in Erlang Mountain.

Only, nowadays, on the map, within the scope of the Poole region, no information on Erlang Mountain could be searched.

Ye Chen drove the car into the city of Poole, with Lin Waner together to find a few Poole local old scholars, some checking before learning that, in the suburbs of Poole, there was indeed a mountain named Erlang Mountain, just this mountain in the past decades, changed more than one name.

The earliest is the Republic of China changed once, after the liberation changed once, the sixties movement rose, in order to set up slogans on the mountain, but also changed once, to the end of the seventies, the movement is over, and changed once again.

The last time the name was changed was more than 20 years ago, when it was renamed Zhicheng Mountain.

It is said that this mountain, as well as its surrounding area of more than twenty miles in circumference, is a very famous tea producing area in Poole, where the tea industry has gradually taken shape since the Qing Dynasty, and has so far become one of the best tea-producing areas in Poole.

And the reason why this mountain was renamed Zhicheng Mountain, also because more than twenty years ago, this entire tea production area was a company named Zhicheng Group in southern Yunnan bought at a high price, after that, Zhicheng Group will be renamed Zhicheng Mountain, and gradually become the largest and most top-level tea plantation base in this area.

Now Zhicheng Group’s tea, has been at home and abroad has a relatively large popularity, the product line is also mainly in the high-end Pu’er tea cakes, which, Zhicheng mountain Zhizhen series, is Zhicheng Group’s ace product, the normal price of a piece of tea cake, at least are ten thousand yuan to start.

Knowing the current situation of Erlang Mountain, Ye Chen found the location of Zhicheng Mountain on the navigation.

Because this place has been developed by Zhicheng Group for more than twenty years, the traffic condition is also very good, driving from the city, forty minutes can reach the foot of Zhicheng Mountain.

Lin Wan Er hadn’t returned to Huaxia all these years, she had been very worried that Erlang Mountain would be subjected to destructive development and exploitation, and she was on tenterhooks all the way, when Zhicheng Mountain really appeared in her eyes, her hanging heart instantly relaxed, because the mountain here, was not much changed from what it had been three hundred years ago.