Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5858

  James Smith was surprised and asked, “Is the process of taking the pills so strict?”

  That doctor nodded and said, “Currently, many people in the black market are heavily seeking for the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pills, and the asking price for a single one has exceeded millions of dollars, so internally, in order to ensure that the medicines are finally taken by the patient, we have to keep a clear record of each Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill, and from now on, until the patient is discharged from the hospital, for every time that they take the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pills, there will be a commissioner of ours who will personally deliver the medicines , supervising the patient to take it.”

  James Smith then came to a realisation.

  Jiu Xuan rejuvenation pill, should be the current market, the only one can completely cure all cancer drugs, plus the market has not been any supply, those who are sick of the rich will be out of the very high price to buy, if the drug is not to be strictly controlled, perhaps Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical internal, or the patient’s family, some people because of the huge benefits, racked their brains to Jiu Xuan rejuvenation pill will be taken out and sold.

  Strict supervision of the drug’s release, the process of taking the drug, will be able to eliminate the occurrence of such things.

  James Smith carefully checked the outer packaging of the two Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pills, after confirming that there was no abnormality, he handed the medicine back to the doctor and spoke, “The medicine is fine, work hard and hurry to give the child to take it!”

  That doctor nodded slightly, and under the watchful eyes of the camera as well as everyone else, he opened one of the pills, and then had a doctor gently pinch open Jimmy’s mouth, and then put the pill into his mouth.

  Immediately after that, he did the same thing and put the second pill into Jimmy’s mouth as well.

  The two Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pills quickly dissolved in Jimmy’s mouth, and the medication not only contained medication that could cure cancer, but also had ingredients that could quickly restore his body’s vitality, so Jimmy’s pale, bloodless face quickly regained a few shades of redness.

  A minute later, Jimmy woke up, he slowly opened his eyes, found himself in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by a number of strangers, for a moment a little nervous.

  James Smith, seeing his son awake, rushed forward and said excitedly, “Jimmy, Jimmy you’re awake! Daddy’s here!”

  The moment Jimmy saw James Smith, his nervousness instantly eased quite a bit, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, where am I? Where’s mum?”

  James Smith cried tears of joy and choked, “You’re in Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, mum and sister are waiting outside for news from us, they would be very happy if they knew that you’ve woken up!”

  Although Jimmy was not very old, he had known for a long time that his illness could only be cured by Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s Jiu Xuan Reclaiming Pill, which was why his father had travelled thousands of miles to bring himself here from the United States.

  However, he also knew that his condition did not meet the entry requirements for the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill clinical trial, and had been rejected by Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.

  Therefore, at this moment, when he heard his dad say that he was in Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, he couldn’t help but be surprised in his heart.

  James Smith asked him with concern: “Jimmy, how do you feel now? Is it any better compared to before?”

  Jimmy gently nodded and truthfully said, “It feels like the whole person is much more comfortable, and the place where the pain was before is much better, dad, do I not have to die?”

  James Smith grabbed his hand, nodded heavily and choked, “Don’t worry Jimmy, you won’t die, you’ll live a long life, dad promise!”

  The doctor on the side opened his mouth, “Mr Smith, the child is now in a better state, it is better to send him back to the ward first, go back to the ward and have a good rest and rest, and continue to take the medication at the same time tomorrow, the body will be further consolidated again, I believe that it will not take a few days for Jimmy to be able to get out of bed and move around.”

  ”Good!” James Smith said excitedly, “Thank you doctor! Thank you!”