Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5854

  Hu Leqi had no choice but to nod his head and say, “Okay, then we will wait outside the cordon first.”

As soon as the words fell, he heard a man speak, “Captain Sun, these are my friends, let them come in.”

A few people turned their heads to look, and only then did they realise that the one who spoke was actually the general manager of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, Wei Liang.

The security guard who was called Captain Sun saw Wei Liang coming and immediately said very politely, “General Manager Wei, since they are your friends, it would be hard for you to register the information for them.”

According to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s rules, any external visitors must be picked up in by an internal employee.

And every employee who picks them up must also truthfully register the visitor’s information, so as to facilitate unified management, even Wei Liang cannot be an exception.

Wei Liang nodded his head and looked towards the three, smilingly said, “Mr Smith I know, the other two, please also show your personal documents, let me do a registration.”

Hu Leqi couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “Wei …… Wei General Hello, my name is Hu Leqi, this is my girlfriend Shu Lan, we …… we are friends of A Chen, he asked us to come to find you ……”

Wei Liang smiled faintly and said, “I know, he has already called me, you guys don’t worry, what he promised you, I will honour it.”

Hu Leqi and Shu Lan were instantly excited and cried tears of joy.

In the minds of cancer patients, the status of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical was already much higher than the Mayo Clinic, and being able to be accepted by Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical as a clinical trial signalled that the person had already completed a U-turn in front of the gates of hell, and had started to walk back.

Holding the child James Smith is even more excited tears, he looked at Wei Liang, incomparably grateful and extremely ashamed, said: “Mr Wei, thank you for giving Jimmy this opportunity …… also ask you to forgive me for my arrogance and ignorance at first … …”

Wei Liang smiled and said, “Mr Smith, I’m not the one you have to thank, I’ll talk to you in detail later.”

After saying that, he took the documents handed over by Hu Leqi and Shu Lan, and after registering them properly, he spoke, “A few of you, please follow me, and I’ll get a few of you settled in now.”

A few people were overjoyed and hurriedly followed Wei Liang into the Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.

As soon as they entered the gate of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, they could see several commercial vehicles parked on the roadside on the inner side of the gate, Wei Liang pointed to one of them and said to the three of them, “The current Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical occupies a very large area, and this time, the Clinical Trial Centre, which is still 1.5 kilometres away from the gate, let’s take a car to go there.”

Several people nodded their heads and followed Wei Liang into the commercial vehicle.

When the driver started the car, Wei Liang began to introduce, “After I received the phone call just now, I have already arranged a place for you all in the clinical trial, however, our clinical trial adults and minors know separately, so Mr. Hu and Ms. Shu, as adults, will be directly coded into the adult group, and the adult group will be four patients in a ward, relatives are not permitted to visit and accompany, and the day to day living and necessary life care will be taken care of by our own team of carers.”

The two of them nodded in a hurry.

To them, whether or not they had family members to accompany them was not important, what mattered was that they could accompany each other, and that was enough.

Wei Liang then looked at James Smith and spoke, “Mr Smith, in our minor group, it’s two patients to a ward, but every minor patient can have a family member accompanying them to take care of them, you or your wife can stay and take care of him, but only one person can accompany them at a time, and if they need to be switched, they need to take a specific pass and hand over the registration outside the door. ”

James Smith said without hesitation, “I’ll chaperone!”