Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5853

“James Smith?!”

Wei Liang was surprised and couldn’t help but ask, “Master Ye, I’ll be bold enough to give you a moment, how did you give him an opening?”

Ye Chen smiled, “Just think of it as him triggering the hidden rewards by chance, I once told him before that if he could indeed do charity with all his heart and soul without asking for anything in return, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals might give him a chance, this time, let’s just remove the word maybe.”

Wei Liang said without thinking, “Alright Master Ye, don’t worry, I’ll make the arrangements.”

Ye Chen added, “The other two, are young people I befriended by chance, they are also considered to be destined to me, you also arrange them properly together.”

Saying that, Ye Chen also instructed, “However, after admitting the patient in, you will arrange James Smith’s son to the children’s ward, and isolate him from the other two, don’t let those two people know my identity, but you can find a chance to privately talk to James Smith to understand that this favour I definitely can’t send it in a muddle, and you have to let this old boy know that the chance is who gave it.”

Wei Liang immediately said, “I understand Master Ye, at that time I will find a chance to speak to him face to face!”

After saying that, Wei Liang remembered something and hurriedly asked again, “Master Ye, after I meet James Smith this time, should I tell him your true identity?”

Ye Chen hmmmed and said, “Tell him straight up, it just so happens that I was planning to take this old boy under my wing in the future before, so I’ll just pull him into the fold this time.”

Wei Liang asked in surprise, “Master Ye, you want James Smith to work with us?”

Ye Chen said, “Not just co-operation, I want him to join us and become a part of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “James Smith has already left from the FDA, a position like the Director, it is definitely not possible for him to come and go when he wants to, so going back to the FDA is definitely out of the question, but after all, he has been working in the FDA for many years, and not only does he have very deep connections within the FDA as well as North America’s pharmaceutical industry, but more importantly, he is extremely knowledgeable about the entire FDA as well as the rules of the game in the North American The rules of the game in the pharmaceutical field are extremely well understood, if he can join Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical as the person in charge of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical in North America, then he will definitely be able to help Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical occupy the North American market in the shortest possible time!”

After Wei Liang heard this, he immediately said with some excitement, “Master Ye is right, if we want to open up a situation in North America, James Smith is indeed the best candidate for us!”

Ye Chen said, “When you meet him, tell him clearly about my identity and what’s at stake, then tell him that I’ll make time to meet him when I return to Jinling in a few days.”

Wei Liang immediately said, “Alright Master Ye, I will definitely convey it to him!”


At this time, Hu Leqi, Shu Lan, and James Smith, who were outside the door, had been waiting with some apprehension.

Even now they do not dare to determine, this thing in the end reliable or not, and they are very clear about the reliability of this thing or not, directly related to the lives of the three cancer patients, so everyone is extraordinarily nervous.

The security guard waited for a while, seeing that no one came out to pick them up, he came forward and spoke, “Three of you, you have already exceeded the time limit, please move to wait outside the cordon first.”

Hu Leqi hurriedly said, “You wait for a while, I reckon someone will come to pick us up soon.”

The security guard seriously said, “The time has come, the three of you moving outside the cordon does not affect your waiting, when the person who picks you up comes, I will let you in.”