Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5852

  Hu Leqi took out his mobile phone, looked at Ye Chen’s phone number, and said with some uncertainty, “Whether it’s true or not, you’ll know after making this call.”

Just after saying that, two security guards came forward, and one of them asked, “Several people, may I ask if you have an appointment? If you don’t have an appointment, we can’t stay here for a long period of time, please also retreat outside the cordon.”

Hu Leqi said, “Please wait a moment, I’ll make a call, my friend has an appointment with your General Manager Wei.”

The security guard was a bit surprised and spoke in doubt, “An appointment with General Manager Wei? Seems unlikely, right? Our General Wei has stopped seeing guests during this recent period of time, all those who said they came to see General Wei during this recent period of time were basically persuaded to leave.”

Hu Leqi said, “I’m not sure about the specifics, can you let me make a call first?”

The security guard nodded and said, “It’s fine to make a phone call, but it can’t be too long because we also have rules here.”

“Good.” Hu Leqi also knew that the security guard had a job as a security guard, and he naturally couldn’t cause trouble for others, so he said, “You wait a little bit, I’ll be done soon.”

After saying that, he pressed the call button and called Ye Chen.

The beeping sound of waiting to be answered came from the phone, causing Hu Leqi’s heart to hang in his throat.

Although he didn’t believe from the bottom of his heart that Ye Chen would make fun of himself with this kind of thing, when it really came down to it, he was really worried that the call would go unanswered or be directly hung up by the other party.

At this time, Ye Chen was still on his way to Poole by car.

When he received an unfamiliar phone call, he guessed that it should be Hu Leqi.

As expected, as soon as the phone was connected, Hu Leqi’s voice that let out a long breath came over, “Hoo…… Chen, it’s me, Hu Leqi…… I’ve already arrived at Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical… …”

Ye Chen laughed, “It’s good that you’ve arrived, just wait a bit, I’ll give Wei Liang a call now.”

Hu Leqi was a little apprehensive, and his tone was also a little grateful as he said, “Trouble you A Chen ……”

Ye Chen smiled bashfully, “Don’t be polite.”

After saying that, he hung up Hu Leqi’s phone and called Wei Liang.

After the phone rang twice, Wei Liang’s voice came over, “Master Ye, what are your orders for calling?”

Ye Chen asked him, “Wei Liang, have all the clinical trial slots for the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill been finalised?”

Wei Liang busily said, “Master Ye, there is still the last batch of quotas, a total of fifty people, they are being evaluated urgently, and it is expected that the final point ranking situation will be available two days later, and the final batch of the grand list will be finalised by then.”

“Good.” Ye Chen smiled faintly and spoke, “Right, in order for me to call you, it’s because I want you to add three quotas, remember my words are to add three quotas, it’s not for you to even out three quotas from that last batch of fifty people.”

Wei Liang asked, “Master Ye, do you mean that the last batch of the big list should be a total of fifty-three people?”

Ye Chen hmmmed, “Right.”

Wei Liang said, “Master Ye, now that the dosage of medicine is fit to be dispensed, it is not possible to even out the dosage of medicine for the additional three people, is it possible to dilute a portion of the dosage of medicine from the other fifty and divide it into fifty-three portions?”

“No need.” Ye Chen casually said, “After you admit the three of them, you should first give the medicine according to the normal medication regimen, I’m out of town these days, I’ll make up for the lack of medicine when I return in the next two days.”

Wei Liang said without thinking, “Okay Master Ye!”

Ye Chen added: “By the way, the three of them are now at the entrance of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, you personally go and pick them up, there is a person called Hu Leqi, another person called Shu Lan, and the third one is still your old acquaintance, that James Smith of the US FDA.”