Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5851

Jenny couldn’t figure out why her husband suddenly wanted to take her son out.

Even though his son was terminally ill, he still saw chemotherapy as his last resort.

Seeing that her husband was going to take her son out without waiting for him to finish his chemotherapy, she quickly stopped him, “Are you crazy? No matter what, you have to wait until the child’s chemotherapy is over!”

James Smith waved his hand, “Can’t wait, I’m taking him out now.”

Saying that, he didn’t wait for Jenny to press the call bell, he himself stepped forward and pulled off his son’s infusion needle, then picked up his sleeping son and headed out.

Shocked and angry, Jenny chased him all the way out, reprimanding him behind her, “James! You put Jimmy down! He still has half of his chemo drugs left, you’re going to kill him!”

James Smith didn’t say a word, his feet picked up a few paces faster and he fled, heading out of the hospital.

Jenny hurriedly chased him out of the hospital, and when she saw James stopping the car at the entrance, she was even more furious and stomped her feet, crying as she went up and questioned, “James, what the hell are you doing? No matter what, you can’t joke with your son’s life!”

At this time, a taxi stopped in front of James Smith, he was about to hold his son on the car, saw his wife crying with rain, hesitated for a moment, turned over, said in her ear: “A friend called me, said to help Jimmy to fight for a Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill clinical trial quota, I’m still not sure whether this thing is true or not, whether it can be successful or not , but the other party told me that this matter must not be made public, so I didn’t make it clear to you in the hospital.”

Once Jenny heard this, she was pleasantly surprised and asked him, “Really? James, is everything you said true? Jimmy can really get a spot in the clinical trial?!”

James Smith said in her ear, “Honey, everything is still unknown, so you don’t need to be too excited or nervous, keep your mind normal, go and get ready to pick up your daughter from school, if this thing works out, I’ll be the first to tell you, and then we’ll find a place to celebrate, and if this doesn’t work out, I’ll be the first to send Jimmy back to chemo, you take care of your daughter, don’t worry.”

Jenny quickly nodded heavily and spoke, “Good! Then you take Jimmy there first, I’ll wait for your news!”

James Smith placed a firm kiss on his wife’s forehead, turned around and got into the taxi, saying to the driver, “Hello, go to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical!”


Right now, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s level of secrecy was comparable to that of a military organisation.

Because there have been many cases of trying to steal the formula of Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill, so the Jinling police have listed Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical near the control area, this control area is equal to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, artificially created a buffer zone, in this buffer zone, not only have the police patrol at all times, but also any vehicle may not be parked temporarily, once parked there will be a police officer will be persuaded to come forward to leave.

The only place where outsiders can approach is the main entrance of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, where all visitors are required to present their documents for registration, but also Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals internal docking staff to come out to pick up the people before they can be brought in.

Since the main gate was guarded by security guards and police officers, outsiders arriving here would not be able to enter at all without an appointment.

When James Smith got off at the gate in a taxi, Hu Leqi and Shu Lan also happened to arrive.

Seeing James Smith, Hu Leqi smiled in surprise and said, “Mr Smith, we meet again!”

“Hello again!” James Smith smiled slightly and asked him, “How did you guys feel about the hike?”

“Pretty good.” Hu Leqi smiled and said, “Walking around and seeing more before I get to the point of incapacitation.”

James Smith nodded and couldn’t help but ask him, “Le Qi, what you said on the phone, is it true?”