Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5850

  James Smith shook his head and said, “I’m going to pick up my son, and then try my luck at Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical to see if there’s a chance.”

The man nodded and said, “Feel free to contact us if you need help.”

“Good.” James Smith answered and hurriedly left the church, taking a taxi to the People’s Hospital.

Ever since they came to Jinling, they first brought their child, built a file in Jinling People’s Hospital, and then started chemotherapy over here with the same protocols as in the U.S. At first, he stayed in a hotel near the hospital, and when his wife, Jenny, also arranged for everything in the U.S. and rushed to Jinling with their daughter, they rented a house near the hospital.

James Smith followed Ye Chen’s advice, and every day he was busy doing what he could for charity in Jinling, and his wife, Jenny, then, according to the hospital’s requirements, when chemotherapy and checkups were needed, she brought her child to the hospital, and then brought her child home to rest at night.

Little Jimmy’s cancer, in fact, has basically entered the terminal stage, now using the chemotherapy drugs are the best and newest on the market, but even so can not cure the cancer, what can be done is only to slow down the spread of cancer cells as much as possible.

For cancer patients, the best outcome is to find in situ cancer, removal can be completely cured, if the cancer has already metastasised, then the best outcome is to find available targeted drugs.

However, different people have different genes, and some people are lucky enough to be able to find the targets of targeted drugs in their genes, and then they can rely on the targeted drugs to achieve very good therapeutic effects.

Some people are less lucky and cannot find any target in their genes, so they cannot be treated with targeted drugs.

Without the availability of targeted drugs, only traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy are left.

In Little Jimmy’s current situation, chemotherapy has been the last barrier, but James Smith is well aware that this last barrier is now in jeopardy, and it is feared that it will be able to hold up for only a few more months.

James Smith travelled lightly to the hospital’s day ward, at this time every bed in the ward, there is a cancer patient who is receiving chemotherapy.

Among these cancer patients, little Jimmy was the youngest one.

Originally here there is a 5-year-old end-stage leukaemia child, some time ago for the child through the approval of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, received a clinical trial quota, was transferred to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals internal laboratory to receive treatment.

At that time, James Smith was very envious, but envy can not be helped, according to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals points system, young, heavy symptoms and family difficulties of the child, are often able to prioritise the selection.

At this time, Jimmy is lying on the hospital bed, right now his body has been withered like firewood, hair has also completely lost, looks very fragile, and his eyes are slightly closed at the moment, looks like he has fallen asleep.

James Smith’s wife, Jane James, was at this moment sitting tiredly on a stool beside the bed.

Seeing her husband come in, Jenny asked with some surprise, “James, what are you doing here? Isn’t the church preparing relief for the homeless this afternoon?”

James Smith didn’t answer her question, but instead looked at the child on the bed and asked her, “Is Jimmy asleep?”

Jenny nodded softly and said heartily, “He’s been vomiting worse and worse, the doctor added some anti-vomiting drugs to her chemo medication, but the new addition makes him more drowsy.”

Said Jenny with red eyes, whispered, “Smith, the results of the enhanced ct came out two days ago, Jimmy’s cancer cells are still growing and spreading, this week’s chemotherapy basically didn’t do much to improve it, the doctor said, right now his physical condition has started to decline rapidly, like an out of control lift falling from a great height, the chemo drugs can only barely slow down his downward spiral a little bit, but at most It will only be extended from two months to two and a half months, and even three months will be difficult to reach ……”

Speaking here, Jenny covered her face and sobbed uncontrollably.

James Smith rushed forward to gather her in his arms, whispering comfortingly, “Don’t cry, there may be another chance.”

Jenny shook her head and said, “I don’t want to blindly hold on to any hope anymore, I’m now wondering if I should stop Jimmy’s chemotherapy, and for the remaining months, take him back to the U.S. His grandparents, maternal grandparents, and paternal grandparents are all waiting to see him, and going back to the U.S. will at least allow him to be with his family for the last stage of his life.”

James Smith said, “There is one last chance now, and although I don’t know exactly what the chances of success are for this one, as long as there is still a chance, it must be much better than no chance at all.”

With that, he said to Jenny, “Let’s get the nurse to come and pull the pin out of Jimmy, I’m going to take him out!”

Surprised, Jenny asked, “Where are you taking him?”

James Smith thought that Hu Leqi had explained that he should not disclose it to the public, so he said, “Don’t ask so many questions first, I promised the other party that I can’t talk nonsense, but don’t worry, if there is any result, I’ll be the first to tell you!”