Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5848

  Shu Lan couldn’t help but be enlightened after hearing him say all this, and murmured, “You have a point! By you saying that, I also feel that Ah Chen wouldn’t be joking with us.”

After saying that, she couldn’t help but have sweaty palms in excitement as she opened her mouth, “Then …… then wouldn’t we really have a chance to get a chance to get a clinical trial of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical? If that’s the case, wouldn’t we be able to survive?”

Hu Leqi nodded solemnly and said, “I think we have a great chance this time!”

Saying that, Hu Leqi took out his mobile phone to search for air ticket information, and said offhandedly, “There’s a flight from Dali to Jinling at two o’clock in the afternoon, I’m booking a ticket right now, so let’s hurry back to say hello to everyone, and then we’ll go to the airport!”


After Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er descended the mountain, they came to Shuanglang to pick up their car, and from Shuanglang, they drove to Poole.

Poole is Lin Wan’er’s parents’ resting place, but also Lin Wan’er’s first stop on the road to escape, Ye Chen accompanied Lin Wan’er to Yunnan, one of the purposes is to accompany her to revisit the old places, so this time, not only to accompany Lin Wan’er to a trip to Poole, but also to go from Poole to a trip to Banna, to find Lin Wan’er’s painting of the Tianchi.

As for the whereabouts of Wu Feiyan, Ye Chen was no longer concerned.

Because he was very clear, since Wu Feiyan had already appeared in Turtleback Mountain, that meant that she had completely integrated into the world this time, since she had completely integrated into the world, she would definitely be recorded by various surveillance systems, Wu Feiyan was bound to be exempted from being filmed by the surveillance cameras, as long as he let Sun Zhidong help to call up the surveillance videos, he would be able to restore the approximate movements of Wu Feiyan in the country.

Therefore, Ye Chen felt that there was no need for him to pay attention to Wu Fei Yan’s situation, with Wu Fei Yan’s strength, he would only make a mistake if he ventured close to her, it would be better to let her go to where she wanted to go first, and when she had gone to all the places she wanted to go to, he would then follow the clues and sort out her route.

As long as he could eventually pinpoint where she had entered the Hundred Thousand Mountains from, he would basically be able to pinpoint Meng Changsheng’s location of that year’s seclusion to a hundred mile radius, or even a smaller area.

Just as the two of them drove to Poole, Hu Leqi, together with Shu Lan, took an afternoon flight to Jinling.

The last time they came to Jinling, although the two did not come together, they both had the same expectations.

However, both of them failed to be selected for the clinical trial of JiuXuan Pharmaceuticals, and both of them left Jinling in a particularly dejected mood.

And they didn’t expect that they would return to Jinling once again before they died.

Along the way, neither of them made any further comments on whether or not they would get what they wanted from this trip.

The moment the plane landed safely at Jinling Airport, Hu Leqi called James Smith at the first opportunity.

Because both of them were from the United States, one was a cancer patient and the other was a family member of a cancer patient, he and Smith left each other’s phone numbers, on the one hand, out of appreciation and respect for James Smith, on the other hand, it was for the sake of reporting to the group.

At this time the plane is still taxiing, Hu Leqi has a phone call to James Smith’s mobile phone number in China.

The phone connected, James Smith on the other end of the phone, asked curiously, “Little Hu, what are you looking for me?”

Hu Leqi asked busily, “Mr Smith, what are you doing now?”

James Smith said, “I’m rescuing the homeless over at the old church in Jinling, and by the way, I’m dividing up some of the food I’ve picked up, what’s wrong? Looking for me for something?”

Hu Leqi hurriedly said, “Mr Smith, please hurry up and deal with the matter at hand, take Jimmy to wait for me at the entrance of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, Xiao Lan and I will go there directly from the airport, we will meet up over there!”