Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5847

To James Smith, Ye Chen originally had no sympathy.

In this world, there are so many parents of children with cancer, James Smith is just a member of millions of people, nothing special.

And most importantly, he originally had a chance to save his son’s life, but his ignorance and arrogance made him personally give up this chance, in which case, he no longer deserved anyone’s sympathy.

Ye Chen had also never thought of taking the initiative to give him as well as his son a chance.

However, what made Ye Chen somewhat surprised was that, according to what Hu Leqi said, James Smith, after seeing himself last time and telling him that he wanted to get it but had to pay for it first, he actually resigned from his position and job as the head of the FDA, sold his family’s assets, and travelled to Jinling with his children to do charity work.

Although Ye Chen is very clear, the reason why he did so, the probability is to give his son to fight for a chance, but let Ye Chen some appreciation is, after all, he really try to do it, in this case, their own on behalf of the Jinling to give him a little bit of return, is also considered to be a courtesy. 篳 Interesting Court

And even more coincidentally, Hu Leqi, who met by chance in Turtleback Mountain, even knew James Smith, and I have to say that there is still more or less some chance in this.

Because of this, Ye Chen temporarily decided to give Hu Leqi and Shu Lan a chance to live, but also to give James Smith’s cancer-stricken son a chance.

This also confirmed the truth that actions were more important than anything else, if James Smith did not make this move after being rejected by himself, then it would be impossible for his son to get the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill until he died.

But fortunately, he really put it into action, and this, was the main reason why Ye Chen wanted to save his son.

Hu Leqi didn’t expect that Ye Chen was just listening to himself talk about this James Smith’s story, and was even willing to take on a favour to pull him out, and couldn’t help but ask excitedly, “Ah Chen, you can really help Smith’s son fight for a place?”

Ye Chen smiled bashfully and spoke, “After you arrive in Jinling, just call him to bring his son along to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, and I will naturally arrange the rest.”

Hu Leqi said gratefully, “Thank you Chen! It’s really very much appreciated!”

Ye Chen patted his shoulder and said, “You guys go back and say goodbye to the others, so hurry up and get going, we’ll leave first.”

Hu Leqi nodded and wanted to say something, but Ye Chen had already turned around and left side by side with Lin Wan’er.

Seeing the two disappear from sight, Shu Lan still said somewhat incredulously, “Le Qi, do you think what this Chen said is believable?”

Hu Leqi seriously said, “Whether it’s credible or not, I don’t know, but I I can indirectly seek to prove whether he’s credible or not from other aspects.”

Shu Lan asked doubtfully, “How to indirectly prove?”

Hu Leqi looked at her and asked, “Do you think Chen is a bad person?”

Shu Lan pondered for a moment, shook his head, and said, “I think he should not be a bad person, and …… I think he should not be a rich second generation who only spends money, I always feel that this person is a little high and deep, and I don’t know if it’s my illusion.”

Hu Leqi smiled slightly and said, “Whether it’s profound or not, I don’t dare to say, but I, like you, also feel that he’s not a bad person. ”

Saying that, Hu Leqi added, “What I mean by indirectly seeking evidence is to first feel whether this person, Ah Chen, is a bad person, if he gives us the feeling that he is a bad person, then whatever he says, we should not believe it;”

“But since we all feel that he is not a bad person, then we have to consider a common sense question, if a person is not a bad person, then would he make fun of other people’s life and death issues?”

After saying that, Hu Leqi asked himself, “I think this question should be negative, a good person, not dare to say how great and glorious, but also absolutely will not take the issue of other people’s life and death to joke.”

“So, based on that, I think that Chen definitely wouldn’t say such words if he wasn’t completely sure.”