Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5843

It had been many years since Wu Feiyan had come to pay her respects at Lin Yilu’s clothes grave.

Although she hadn’t come back for hundreds of years, she was still able to tell where Lin Yulu’s burial mound was.

Even though the tombstone of the mound had been destroyed by herself, and even though the graves had disappeared with the passage of time, she was still able to find the location of Lin Yulu’s grave.

Although she knew that Lin Yilu’s body was not buried here, in her heart, Wu Feiyan still regarded this place as the closest place to her senior brother.

Her mood at the moment was one of sadness, remorse, and even a little bit of resentment.

When she had mixed feelings, the past events of that year instantly surged to her heart like a tidal wave.

At the beginning, after Wu Feiyan’s love and impulse attack on Lin Yilu, and Lin Yilu instantly disappeared from her eyes, she expected that Lin Yilu must have been sent to Lin Wan’er by the ring given by her master, so she hurriedly left the mountain and travelled to Yunnan to look for him.

However, the road from the 100,000 mountains to Diannan was dangerous and far, and Wu Feiyan was still one of the key criminals wanted by the Qing court, so when she went through all the trouble of arriving at Diannan, Lin Wan’er had already disappeared, and Lin Yilu had already been buried in the ground.

Only then did Wu Feiyan realise that her senior brother, whose cultivation was even higher than her own, had been stabbed to death by her own sword.

In fact, at the very beginning, Wu Feiyan did not want to really kill Lin Yilu.

What she wanted to do was to snatch away the Ancient Evergreen Pill that her master had left to Lin Yilu, as well as the ring that she didn’t know what it was for.

Moreover, in her opinion, with Lin Yilu’s strength, even if he was stabbed in the centre of the mouth by his own sword, he would never die from it.

After all, Lin Yilu also mastered spiritual qi, although Lin Yilu’s cultivation was not yet high, and his spiritual qi was not pure and abundant, he could completely use his spiritual qi to temporarily stabilise his injuries, and then slowly use his spiritual qi to heal his injuries and recover, and in less than a month or two, he would surely be able to recover as he was before.

When she arrived in Diannan and enquired around, she learnt that Lin Yilu had been buried, she couldn’t believe it was true no matter what.

However, it was only after she had asked many people that she was able to determine that Lin Yilu was indeed dead, and that it was his daughter who had organised the funeral for him.

At that moment, Wu Feiyan could not afford to regret.

But even if she regretted it, she could not bring the dead back to life, so she turned her regret into anger, thinking that Lin Yilu would rather die than accept her heart for the sake of a woman who had been dead for many years.

Subsequently, she savagely trashed the tombstones of Lin Yulu as well as Lin Wan’er’s mother, and hasn’t been here since.

The fact that she never came here is not because she has already let go of Lin Yilu in her heart.

On the contrary, after more than three hundred years had passed, she still couldn’t forget that handsome and dignified man.

At this moment, Wu Feiyan, who was kneeling in front of Lin Yilu’s grave, emotionally murmured, “Brother Yilu, Feiyan still clearly remembers the first time she saw you;”

“At that time, brother Yulu was thirteen or fourteen years old, and Feiyan was only twelve or thirteen years old, but she fell in love with you at first sight;”

“Since that day, Feiyan has been looking forward to you coming home to find my brother, so that Feiyan can see you, outside the door of my brother’s room, eavesdropping on you chatting about big things …….”

“When I heard that brother Yulu was going to give up the military and join the army, Feiyan learnt to put up her hair in a bun and danced with her sword and spear all day long, hoping that she would be able to be by brother Yulu’s side in the future, to fight side by side with him and to help him in his battles.

“At that time, Feiyan even thought that she should be by her brother Yulu’s side for the rest of her life.”

“Wherever Brother Yilu wants to go, Feiyan will follow Brother Yilu wherever he goes;”

“Whatever Brother Yilu wanted to do, Feiyan would do with Brother Yilu.”

“So, even if Feiyan is asked to take up the sword and fight with the Qing army in front of the battlefield, Feiyan will never say anything.”

“This is what Feiyan thinks in her heart, and this is what she actually does.”

“When brother Chilu and his elder brother established the Qing Breaking Society, Fei Yan was the third member of the Society;”