Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5842

Hu Leqi nodded and said, “Chen’s point of view is the same as mine, let’s not care about other people’s business, when the sun rises, we’ll seize the time to go back to our tents to rest for a while and have a sleep, after staying up all night, I didn’t feel tired at first, but now I feel a little overwhelmed.”

  Ye Chen guessed that she wanted to take a picture of Wu Fei Yan, so he nodded very knowingly, then took out his own mobile phone and turned on the front camera’s photo function.

After opening the photo, the two of them tacitly turned around, turning their backs to the rising sun, their backs to Wu Fei Yan, and snapped a group photo.

After taking the photo, Ye Chen hurriedly clicked the photo to enlarge it, thanks to the high pixel of the front camera, in the photo, Wu Fei Yan’s appearance had been taken relatively clearly.

Subsequently, while adjusting his posture and taking a group photo with Lin Wan Er, Ye Chen kept capturing photos related to Wu Fei Yan through the photos taken by the front camera.

But unfortunately, Wu Fei Yan had quickly entered that forest, and the front camera did not have a telephoto function, so trying to take pictures of her in this situation had been a bit of a fool’s errand.

So, he slipped the phone into his pocket and continued to pretend to enjoy the sunrise with Lin Wan’er.

And his afterglow was still carefully staring at Wu Feiyan.

After searching the woods for a moment, Wu Feiyan chose a relatively open place, and then from her own bag, she took out a hammer, as well as a cylinder made of a wooden handle.

Immediately after, Wu Fei Yan then flung the yellow paper on the ground, and used that cylinder against the yellow paper, and then used the hammer to heavily strike the head of the cylinder.

In this way, the rough yellow paper was left with a circular outline and a four-sided empty space in the centre.

This is the ordinary people have rarely come into contact with the “playing money”.

Although the yellow paper is rough, but very flammable, know now, in the countryside is still the best choice for many people to sweep the graves at Ching Ming Festival, to pay tribute to their relatives.

The cylinder with the wooden handle is the mould used to beat money.

Wu Feiyan at this time skilfully divided into a stack of yellow paper, and then flat on the ground, with the mould against, from the upper left corner, hammering the end of the cylinder, in this stack of yellow paper, leaving a round outer circle, the middle of the four sides of the shape of the circle.

This, in fact, represents, is the copper coins used in ancient China.

Copper money was the main currency of the ancients, so the copper money beaten out in this way, and then burned to the dead, is the real meaning of paper money in the hearts of the ancients.

Burning such paper money to the person who has passed away is the only way to ensure that he is clothed and fed on the other side.

This way of beating paper money is basically very difficult to see nowadays. In the funeral industry nowadays, there is no one who still produces such a cheap and simple product, and even the most basic paper money is printed paper money with the head of the Jade Emperor and the head of the Bank of Heaven and Earth written on it.

However, for Wu Feiyan, she still retained the habit of using yellow paper to beat money to pay homage to the dead souls, so this time when she came to Diannan, she specially brought along yellow paper, as well as the mould that had been used for hundreds of years.

At this time, Wu Feiyan, has completely ignored those young people she just met, in her opinion, those people are not in the same world with herself at all, so there is no need for her to pay attention to them, and even more so, there is no need for her to care about them, this series of her heart’s journey, is almost exactly the same as Lin Wan’er’s prediction, Lin Wan’er has gambled correctly!

So, after she concentrated on tying all the yellow paper with dense copper coins, she got up and went to pick up a branch that was handy, then, using that branch, she cleared a flat area on the ground.

Afterwards, Wu Fei Yan took out a fire engine and ignited one of the sheets of yellow paper, and then threw the ignited yellow paper back to the centre of the flat ground, and then began to fill it with paper one after another.

Looking at the burning fire and the ashes that were swept up by the heat wave, Wu Feiyan’s eyes were already filled with tears, and she murmured under her breath in a voice that only she could hear, “Brother Yuru, Feiyan has come to see you …….”