Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5841

Ye Chen’s release of Meng Changsheng’s portrait in Jinling had indeed given Wu Feiyan a great shock, so much so that one of the things she was most worried about when she came to China this time was exposing her identity.

Those young people camping not far away, in her opinion, should all be students who were still studying, she wasn’t the least bit worried that any of these people could threaten her safety, but she had already heard Ye Chen’s conversation with Lin Wan’er just now, and knew that her own behaviour, in the eyes of others, was already a bit suspicious, and in this case, she was really a bit indecisive.

And her attention had indeed been unconsciously led to another direction by Ye Chen, and now she was only worried about being suspected by others, but had not suspected the identity of these young people.

Just when Wu Feiyan was still hesitating, a golden haze spread down, and the rising sun had already risen from the east.

Those youngsters beside Ye Chen who were still excited after staying up all night, immediately got excited after seeing this haze, shouting loudly that the sun had come out while hurriedly taking out their mobile phones to take pictures and record videos.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, Wu Feiyan took a step towards the woods at the back of the camp.

At this moment, Wu Feiyan was only 70 to 80 metres away from Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er.

However, her attention wasn’t on these young people, plus she didn’t release her aura to check each other out in her silent state, so she didn’t notice any abnormality at all.

Ye Chen, however, was carefully sizing up Wu Fei Yan with his afterglow at this moment.

This woman appeared to be in her thirties, with a mature and very charming appearance, whether it was her looks or temperament, she was definitely considered to be one of the top of the top.

In her hands, she also carried some yellow paper and a wine altar, the yellow paper looked very rough, nowadays it is afraid that it is extremely difficult to buy.

Ye Chen could see that the yellow paper and wine altar that Wu Feiyan was carrying must be for the purpose of worshipping Lin Yilu, to be able to come and worship him, this showed that in Wu Feiyan’s heart, she did not only hate Lin Yilu.

Lin Wan’er was also a little surprised, originally she thought that Wu Feiyan would come over aggressively and vent her anger in front of her parents’ grave, but she didn’t expect that Wu Feiyan would come over with the things used for worship.

The other people camping together, at this time also saw the lone Wu Fei Yan, for a time, everyone has secretly exchanged words.

Someone said, “I go, is that big sister here to sweep the tomb?”

Someone chimed in, “It looks like it, but I don’t see any graves here either.”

Shu Lan was a little nervous, and asked in a low voice, “This place couldn’t have been a field of graves before, right?”

Hu Leqi said with a calm face, “Even if it’s a tomb, it’s nothing to be alarmed about, before Chang’an repaired the underground, it’s said that during the construction of just one of the lines, thousands of ancient tombs were found, and it looks like this place is a great place with a lot of people and it’s normal to have so many ancient tombs.”

Ye Chen also nodded his head at this moment, “Old man is right, it’s nothing strange even if others come to sweep the tombs. Let’s not talk about others behind their backs, how embarrassing and impolite if they hear us.”

Hu Leqi nodded and said, “Chen’s point of view is the same as mine, let’s not care about other people’s business, when the sun rises, we’ll seize the time to go back to our tents to rest for a while and have a sleep, after staying up all night, I didn’t feel tired at first, but now I feel a little overwhelmed.”

The crowd expressed that their feelings were also the same as his, they didn’t realise that it was the aftermath of the aura in the white wine having been consumed.

Lin Wan’er suddenly took out her mobile phone at this time and said to Ye Chen, “Honey, while the sun’s rays are still not that strong, let’s both take a picture and a few selfies with the sun.”