Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5840

  Wu Fei Yan did not suspect them, she was just a little disturbed and upset because these people were a little too close to her senior brother Lin Yilu’s grave.

She had revisited her hometown in order to go to Lin Yilu’s grave to reminisce about the past, and in the meantime, she had a few more words to say to her senior brother.

But the location of these people, the distance from Lin Yilu’s grave, is only two to three hundred metres away, if you directly into, I am afraid that it is not possible to hide from the sight of these people, in this way, they want to say something to their senior brother, it will not be so convenient.

At this time Ye Chen, his afterglow had already glimpsed the young mature woman who had just appeared in the distance.

With his superhuman vision, Ye Chen could see the woman’s appearance.

It had to be said that although Wu Feiyan had already lived for four hundred years, she was still gorgeous and seemed to be no better than Lin Wan’er.

Moreover, Wu Fei Yan had a cold expression, eyes like torches, and an extremely strong aura, and did not look like a good person at a glance.

Seemingly sensing that someone was watching her, Wu Fei Yan subconsciously also wanted to look at the other party.

When Lin Wan Er saw Wu Fei Yan’s figure, before she could get a good look, her heart already thumped, she knew that the woman in the distance was the Wu Fei Yan that she had been hiding for more than three hundred years.

In this instant, Lin Wan’er’s heartbeat was a little out of speed, the mixture of anger and nervousness made her palms sweaty as well.

Ye Chen saw that her face was a little white, and she was also a little nervous, so he hurriedly wrapped her in his arms, and whispered with a heartbroken face, “I told you not to stay up all night, but you didn’t listen to me, and you drank a lot of wine, so it must have been very difficult to stay up until now, right?”

Lin Wan Er knew that Ye Chen was aware of her abnormality, and was deliberately confusing Wu Fei Yan, her heart was grateful, but at the same time, she was also more or less nervous and shy because she was being held by Ye Chen.

She forced herself to adjust her state well, and said in a delicate voice, “Didn’t I stay up all night just because I wanted to accompany you to watch the sunrise together?…… After the two of us got together, we’ve never watched the sunrise together.”

Ye Chen saw that she had slowed down and was relieved in his heart, his afterglow noticed that Wu Feiyan might be observing them all, so he deliberately glanced towards where she was, then deliberately lowered his voice and said to Lin Wan’er beside him, “Baby look, there are people coming to climb Turtleback Mountain so early!”

Lin Wan Er pretended to be curious and looked twice before saying, “And she seems to be alone eh, did she climb two mountains so early to see the sunrise? Wouldn’t that mean we have to leave before dawn?”

Ye Chen casually said, “Who knows, maybe it’s just like us, finding a place to stay for the night halfway up the mountain.”

Saying this, Ye Chen added, “But it’s still a bit strange, the altitude of Turtleback Mountain is not the highest nearby, why bother climbing here to watch the sunrise? What’s even stranger is that she’s only one person ……”

The dialogue between Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er was all heard word for word by Wu Feiyan.

The dialogue between the two did not make her have any doubts, on the contrary, after Ye Chen took the initiative to express his doubts towards her first, he immediately turned the situation in an invisible way, making Wu Feiyan realise in her heart that her appearing here alone so early in the morning was indeed a little bit unreasonable in the eyes of others.

At this point, Wu Feiyan’s heart had changed from trying to discover the abnormality before, to trying to cover up her abnormality.

Therefore, she suddenly hesitated a little and said in her heart, “If I go to pay my respects in front of my senior brother’s clothing grave now, will these people notice anything unusual?”