Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5839

  This was an omen that the sun was about to rise from the horizon.

Just as the crowd was in a state of anticipation, Ye Chen’s senses suddenly detected that there was a person in the distance, who was rapidly walking towards where they were.

Due to the fear of being discovered by Wu Fei Yan, Ye Chen had been running the mental mantra taught to him by Yun Ruge since last night when he had been drinking, locking his own aura dead inside his body.

To cultivators, each and every one of them, was like a submarine sailing in the deep sea, and they all discovered each other, relying on sonar detection.

Borrowing this analogy, a person with a high cultivation level is equivalent to a more advanced submarine, the submarine’s synthesis is stronger, not only is the firepower fierce and powerful, but the means of detecting other submarines is also more advanced and the detection distance is farther;

Cultivation is low, is equal to the old backward submarine, firepower is poor, power is weak, the detection ability is not good, it is likely to figure out where the opponent, they will be the other side of a torpedo first killed.

Cultivators perceive each other, like a submarine’s passive sonar monitoring each other, once they hear a similar movement, they will immediately alert and enter a state of readiness.

However, this doesn’t mean that all those with low cultivation are hard to escape death in front of those with high cultivation.

Older submarines, if cautious enough, can also be able to avoid advanced submarines, which is one of the most commonly used means, is to seat the bottom and maintain absolute silence.

Once the submarine enters the absolute silence state, the engine stops, all electronic equipment and detection equipment stops functioning, and all the people on board do not move, do not make any sound, in this case, the advanced submarine if you only rely on passive sonar, it is very difficult to find the target.

Ye Chen now belonged to this silent state.

And generally speaking, even if a very strong cultivator appeared here, as long as they didn’t deliberately check deeply into each and every one of them to the end, it would be impossible for them to discover that Ye Chen was also a cultivator.

But this was not absolute, just like a submarine that was absolutely silent, although the passive sonar of the other party could not be detected, if the other party turned on the active sonar to search, it was still possible to find it out.

However, there is a very critical issue here, that is, although the active sonar is good to use, but this thing is a double-edged sword, like a torch in the dark night, use it to find people is indeed a lot easier, but once you use it, can you find the opponent to put aside, you are bound to be the first to be exposed.

Therefore, whether it is military, or the monks themselves, will not blatantly search everywhere for their own kind.

They were afraid of being targeted by secret experts, so they wouldn’t casually risk their own safety, much less release their aura to check on everyone around them wherever they went.

What’s more, the current Wu Feiyan must be extremely cautious and careful, not to mention letting her switch on her active sonar, she might even be just like Ye Chen, who also chose absolute silence as a way to ensure absolute safety.

At this moment, when Ye Chen sensed that someone was rapidly approaching, he was not relying on his aura, but on his own sharp senses.

At the same time, Wu Feiyan, who was rapidly ascending the mountain, had also already perceived that on Turtleback Mountain, there were already a dozen people here early in the morning.

However, she wasn’t surprised, after all, she had encountered quite a few camping enthusiasts along the way over here, and she knew that this kind of outdoor sport was very common amongst groups of young people, so she didn’t take it to heart at all.

When she stepped onto Turtleback Mountain and saw the several tents and the dozen or so young people not far away, her eyebrows subconsciously clustered slightly.

These people, at this moment, were all looking in the direction of the sunrise, and at a glance, they were waiting to enjoy the sunrise.