Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5838

Soon, a group of people were setting up campfires and grills the moment the sun had fully set.

Since everyone had prepared ingredients, and Ye Chen had specially bought some more, this dinner was extraordinarily sumptuous.

On top of that, Ye Chen had also bought quite a lot of good wine, and the atmosphere was so baked that basically everyone had decided to have a good time drinking on this night.

So, Ye Chen specially incorporated some more aura inside the wine.

These spiritual qi could not make them strengthen their bodies or cure their diseases, but it could ensure that no matter how much they drank on this night, they would not yawn a single time.

Moreover, once this meagre amount of aura was absorbed by their bodies, it would never leave any traces behind, and even if Wu Fei Yan came, it would be impossible for her to notice.

South Yunnan was located on a plateau, the temperature difference between day and night was already relatively large, plus the Turtleback Mountain itself had increased in altitude by a few hundred metres, so when it was nightfall, the temperature instantly dropped to a somewhat chilly temperature.

So all the people were sitting around the campfire, warmed up by the temperature of the fire and spirits, Hu Leqi holding the guitar, some young people who like to sing sang a few hit songs after him, the overall feeling was lit up at once, the atmosphere was quite warm.

Lin Wan’er also liked this feeling, and very easily blended in, her whole body extraordinarily relaxed.

A young man raised his glass with everyone while speaking, “Aiya, tonight’s wine is really divine, it’s good and doesn’t go to the head, I usually drink so much that I’d have been cut off early, but today, I’m actually getting more and more energised by the more I drink!”

“Me too!” Another person said with a smile, “Although I am a little dizzy, but I don’t have the feeling of getting drunk at all, it’s too comfortable!”

That person said, looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Chen, this wine you bought, although it tastes the same as the wine I usually drink, it feels as if it’s different, is this vintage wine of yours?”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “It feels different, it’s because the atmosphere is here, drinking this thing, it’s supposed to be that the more enthusiastic the atmosphere is, the higher the volume of alcohol will be.”

Hu Leqi said with approval, “Chen is right, whether one gets drunk or not depends on three indicators, one is one’s alcohol tolerance, one is his alcohol intake, and alcohol consumption.”

Saying this, Hu Leqi added: “If your usual maximum alcohol consumption at the dinner table is one catty of white wine, then when you are drinking mulled wine alone, you are definitely not able to reach this amount of alcohol, this is because, drinking at the dinner table is drinking and chatting at the same time, the physical strength and bodily fluids consume a lot of energy and the alcohol consumption is even greater, and the spirit is highly aroused, all of these contribute to the volatilisation of the alcohol. ”

The man pondered for a moment and said with a smile, “That makes sense! I did have fun today, and when I do, I want to drink more!”

Ye Chen spoke up at this time, “Gentlemen, it’s rare that everyone is happy, let’s simply get high until dawn tonight, and after watching the sunrise, we’ll have a good night’s sleep.”

The crowd almost immediately agreed without a word.

Staying up all night was simply a piece of cake for the young people.

Holding the mobile phone in bed, or in front of the computer to the screen, unknowingly is a whole night, not to mention that tonight everyone’s enthusiasm is very enthusiastic, the state is also surprisingly good, stay up until dawn, watch the sunrise, is not a problem at all.

So, a group of people will really in this turtleback mountain, eating kebabs and singing songs, all the way high to the next morning.

Yesterday, before sunset, can occasionally see other donkeys down the mountain, after sunset until the sky began to white, Ye Chen did not see anyone else appear.

At this time, there were less than twenty minutes before sunrise, so everyone added some branches and firewood to the bonfire, and began to wait for the moment when the sun rose from the mountain side.

After about ten minutes, the skyline, which was originally just whitish, began to have a golden haze.