Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5831

  Being under Wu Fei Yan’s nose and not being discovered was perhaps the best way for her to hit Wu Fei Yan in the face right now.

Thus, Ye Chen was also somewhat infected by her, and spoke, “In that case, then I don’t need to have someone quietly install any surveillance, I’ll accompany you here to wait for Wu Fei Yan to come over, and in the meantime, see with my own eyes, what she, Wu Fei Yan, is really like!”

Lin Wan Er asked in surprise, “Gongzi is really willing to accompany me?”

Ye Chen nodded, “That’s right.”

Lin Wan’er said seriously, “This is a tightrope walk on a ten thousand foot cliff, if you make a mistake, you will lose your life.”

Ye Chen laughed, “If you are not afraid, what am I afraid of?”

Lin Wan Er smiled faintly, her eyes were full of sincerity, “With these words from Gongzi, my slave will be satisfied, it’s just that my slave is different from Gongzi, my slave has no one to rely on, no relatives, death is never a scary thing for my slave, on the contrary, death is relief for my slave, so my slave wants to stay on her own, and doesn’t want to drag Gongzi down with her.”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “I can’t even persuade you, what makes you think you can persuade me?”

Lin Wan Er insisted, “But this is a personal grudge between slave and Wu Fei Yan.”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “I also have a grudge against her, although my parents were not killed by her own hands, but she, as the mastermind behind it, is my greatest enemy.”

Lin Wan Er hurriedly said, “Then my slave stays to beat Wu Fei Yan’s face today, your son will find another opportunity to take Wu Fei Yan’s life in the future, it’s always okay for the two of us to divide the work like this, right?”

Ye Chen shook his head, looked at Lin Wan Er, and said seriously, “How about this, from now on, anything related to Wu Fei Yan, you are with me, today I stay with you to beat her face, in the future you stay with me to ask for her life, how do you think about it?”

Lin Wan Er looked at Ye Chen, for a moment she didn’t know what to say, the image of Ye Chen in her eyes gradually blurred, she actually wet her eyes with tears.

She forced the tears back, smiled softly, and spoke, “I am grateful for your love, from today onwards, my slave will work together with you!”


Shuang Lang Ancient Town.

Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er, who were wearing couple’s clothes, did not rush to purchase equipment, but first walked around the town.

Although Shuanglang Ancient Town had changed drastically in Lin Wan’er’s opinion, she still found some memories from her youth.

She found a stone bridge that she had walked across when she was young, and in surprise, she pulled up Ye Chen’s hand and excitedly said to him, “My dear, I walked across this bridge a few times when I was young!”

Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “Are you sure it’s this bridge?”

“Sure!” Lin Wan’er pulled Ye Chen up to the green stone bridge, in the centre of the stone bridge, pointing at an open green stone slab, she introduced to Ye Chen, “This piece of mutilation, is a frightened horse broke into trouble, it’s owner is a stonemason, that day he came to give Shuanglang’s Tusi’s new mansion to send two stone sculptures, the result was that the horse was a bit strained to get onto this arch bridge, that stonemason then severely lashed the horse a couple of times, the horse was in a hurry, his hooves slipped , nearly fell down, and then struggled forward like crazy, overturning the plate cart it was dragging, and one of the stone statues smashed on this stone slab, leaving such an opening.”

Saying that, Lin Wan’er added: “It just so happened that day I came over with my grandfather from Dali Ancient City to pay my respects to the Tusi here, so it just so happened that I was at the bridge and saw the whole process of the horse being frightened and breaking into trouble.”

As Ye Chen listened to her description, he couldn’t help but fantasise the scene she described in his mind.

At this time, a little girl of about seven or eight years old, wearing a Chinese dress, holding a sugar gourd in her hand and taking small steps, jumped onto the bridge, her mother bowed behind her and kept taking pictures of her with her mobile phone, while her father, carrying a large and a small bag and holding two cups of drinks, followed unhurriedly.