Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5830

Ye Chen didn’t think that the soft and green looking Lin Wan Er would be so bold.

She clearly knew that she and she were simply no match for Wu Fei Yan, and once they encountered Wu Fei Yan head on, the two would almost certainly die.

After all, before, Yun Ruge had told the two of them in front of them that Wu Feiyan had opened the Mud Pill Palace more than a hundred years ago, which meant that her strength a hundred years ago was much stronger than the current Ye Chen.

But even so, Lin Wan’er even wanted to take the risk.

One must know that once this kind of thing was played out, it would kill them.

Thus, he said very seriously, “The two of us don’t have any possibility of escape in front of Wu Feiyan, are you sure you really want to take a risk here?”

Lin Wan’er nodded solemnly, looked at Ye Chen, and said unwaveringly, “For the past three hundred years, I have always avoided her, and in order not to be discovered by her, I have also always been very cautious, so cautious that all the places that are related to her, I will almost never set foot in for the rest of my life, but now that I know that there is a possibility that she will come here, I also somehow, in my heart, I suddenly want to take the risk this one time !”

Ye Chen’s jaw dropped as he listened, and he couldn’t help but say, “You’re a little late to the rebellious stage, aren’t you?”

Lin Wan’er spat out her tongue, “It’s possible, but no matter what, I now finally understand why those extreme sports enthusiasts want to climb skyscrapers with their bare hands, they also know that the slightest carelessness in the climb will lead to a shattered body, but they still want to go and try it out for the sake of, is the kind of risky nervousness and excitement, as well as the sense of conquest after success; ”

After a pause, Lin Wan’er added, “When other people see a skyscraper, they are looking up, exclaiming and praising, while when they see a skyscraper, what they think in their hearts is, I once conquered it with my bare hands without relying on any external force or protection, I’m sure that sense of achievement is something that can make them happy for a long time!”

Ye Chen contemplated for a moment and spoke, “I advise you to try to remain as sensible as possible, if this decision is wrong, then there may not be any chance of correcting this mistake.”

Lin Wan Er lowered her head and pursed her lips, then raised her head and said with some excitement, “I am self-aware, in this life, it’s impossible for me to possess the ability to kill Wu Fei Yan, it’s already a great success if I can’t be killed by her ……”

“However, although I don’t have the ability to kill her, at least I have the opportunity to defy her with practical actions today!”

“Didn’t she, Wu Feiyan, dream of capturing me? Then she probably never dreamt that I had been close to her at some point in time!”

“If I succeed this time, then in my life’s cat and mouse game with Wu Feiyan, I will be considered to have won her once first!”

“If by the day she dies, she hasn’t even caught me, then I’ve won in the end!”

“As long as I win this time, sometime in the future, I will definitely let her know that I, Lin Wan Er, am not just being chased by her, Wu Fei Yan!”

“On that day, I will also let her know that I, Lin Wan’er, even though my hands are powerless, I dare to talk and laugh in front of her Wu Fei Yan!”

“Even if she’s strong for a lifetime, so what? I, Lin Wan’er, will still win over her!”

When Ye Chen saw Lin Wan’er’s face full of excitement and eagerness to give it a try, he suddenly understood this mood of hers somewhat in his heart.

She had been hiding from Wu Fei Yan for more than three hundred years, and continued to run and flee for more than three hundred years, so it was estimated that Lin Wan’er was still the only one in this world.

As she said, in her life, it was impossible for her to rely on her strength to find Wu Fei Yan for revenge, but she could use her overwhelming courage to hit Wu Fei Yan in the face.