Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5828

Seeing the seriousness of Ye Chen’s words, Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but laugh softly, “Sir, the close defence cannons can kill Jian Gong Bo, but they may not be able to kill Wu Fei Yan, besides, nowadays, the only person who knows exactly where Master Gong’s cultivation place was back then is Wu Fei Yan, so Sir should still bear with it for a little while longer, and don’t end up ending Wu Fei Yan’s life here.”

Ye Chen laughed out loud, “I’m just lamenting, even if someone could really pull a close defence cannon here, I can’t use it here.”

Lin Wan’er nodded slightly and spoke, “My lord, there’s no surveillance here, wait for me for a moment, I’ll go to the front to pay homage to the ancestors of the Lin family.”

Ye Chen nodded gentlemanly and said, “I’ll wait for you here.”

Lin Wan’er gave him an apologetic smile, then she stepped into the pine forest not far away.

Five minutes later, Lin Wan’er walked out of the pine forest with red eyes, at this time, five or six outdoor enthusiasts carrying their equipment came from the direction that Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er came from in a group, one of them opened his mouth and said, “I see that the scenery here is good, and the place is flat and big, it’s quite suitable for camping, why don’t we stay here tonight?”

“Yes.” A young girl spoke up, “Let’s set up our tents first, and use them to occupy the good places, then we’ll go around the surrounding mountains, and come back in the evening to cook and have a bonfire party.”

A young lad said, “Then I’ll notify Old Hu and the others, send him the coordinates, and ask him to bring all the members of the second group over.”

“Great!” The girl said with a smile, “‘In that case, we’ll have a lively night, hurry up and grab a good place to set up a tent, I’ll go collect firewood after that.”

Lin Wan’er listened to their conversation in her ears, and when she came in front of Ye Chen, she reached out to hold Ye Chen’s arm and pouted, “Honey, I also want to camp here! Why don’t we also go buy some equipment and come over for a camping experience!”

After saying that, without waiting for Ye Chen to respond, she loudly asked those outdoor enthusiasts just now, “May I ask if we can join you? We don’t have any experience in camping and want to give it a try!”

The girl smiled and said, “You can, but we don’t have any extra tents, if you guys want to camp too, you can hurry up and go to the town to buy a tent and come over, and let’s have a campfire party together at night!”

“Great!” Lin Wan Er said with a smile, “Thank you! Let’s grab some time to pick up some equipment and come back!”

Ye Chen was startled by her words, and in front of outsiders, he could only say cryptically, “Baby, the elevation here is quite high, and there’s not much cover around, and we don’t have much experience, so in case there’s a gust of wind, it might even blow down with the tent, and I’m afraid it’s not safe.”

Ye Chen was playing dumb riddles with Lin Wan’er unspokenly at this time.

The gale in his words was Wu Fei Yan;

And to be blown down even with the tent, referred to the fact that if he really camped here, there was a possibility that he would be discovered and killed by Wu Fei Yan.

Lin Wan Er naturally understood Ye Chen’s words, and said seriously: ”Can’t the tent be hit with ground pegs? With the ground pegs in place, seven or eight or even greater winds may not be able to blow the tent away, right?”

Saying that, she deliberately said, “Didn’t you just learn how to tie ground pegs from my cousin? This will come in handy.”

Ye Chen knew that the sister Lin Wan’er was talking about was actually Ding Yuan Bo Yun Ruge.

And the so-called learning how to tie ground nails in her words was just another reminder that she had already mastered the mental techniques taught by Yun Ruge, and was able to hide her aura from her fellow practitioners.

However, although Ye Chen had already confirmed the authenticity of the heart method, he could not be sure if that heart method was really able to make one watertight, in case Wu Fei Yan was able to see through the phenomenon to the essence.