Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5825

  ”Thought about it.” Lin Wan’er said, “When I left Tianchi and travelled to Southeast Asia, I went through all sorts of trials and tribulations on the way, and I almost died several times, and during the toughest times, I thought about getting rid of it once and for all, but when I thought that my father had exchanged his life for five hundred years of my lifespan, I didn’t dare to move on this idea;”

“Later I also thought, instead of running, why not just leave the ring to Wu Feiyan, so that she can break the idea of chasing me, but also so that I can live this life in peace, but then I thought, Wu Feiyan is considered to be my father’s enemy, if I compromise with her and beg for forgiveness, then what is the difference between me and Wu Sangui, who let the Qing army into the country? Both are just recognising a thief as their father.”

Saying that, Lin Wan’er said, “After thinking about all this, I decided that it is even harder, I have to live; even harder, I can’t compromise with Wu Feiyan, as long as I can live, I will definitely live longer than Wu Feiyan, and at that time I will be able to have the last laugh.”

Ye Chen said with certainty, “Don’t worry, you will definitely live longer than her.”

Lin Wan’er nodded and said seriously, “Gongzi will definitely be able to live longer than me, and when I die, please trouble Gongzi to bury my ashes next to my parents, and my life will be complete.”

Ye Chen said seriously, “Don’t worry, if I can find the formula for the Hundred Revolutions Thousand Returns Pill, as well as the specific method of refining it, I will let you live to be a thousand years old, just like Old Ancestor Meng.”

Lin Wan Er let out a bitter smile and subconsciously shook her head, “Living for four hundred years is already hard enough, one thousand years, I don’t dare to think about it, nor do I want to think about it, Gongzi even if you can really refine the Hundred Turns Thousand Reversals Dan, I don’t want to eat it anymore ……”

Hearing this, Ye Chen could not help but glance at Lin Wan’er with his afterglow, seeing that her expression was serious and a little despondent, he could not help but sigh in his heart.

He knew that Lin Wan’er must have eaten a lot of bitterness that normal people had not eaten in the past these three hundred years, people said that those who had lived for a long time had crossed more bridges than ordinary people had travelled, but for Lin Wan’er, the bitterness that she had eaten was afraid that it was more than many people had ever heard of, or seen, before.

So, he spoke out to comfort her, “If it were not for Wu Feiyan, living should not be so hard.”

Lin Wan’er shook her head repeatedly, “Then don’t live for another 500 years, live enough.”

Ye Chen was slightly stunned and did not say anything else, but in his heart, he thought that he must refine the Hundred Revolutions Thousand Returns Dan before Lin Wan’er turned five hundred years old, and then after the Dan was completed, the first thing he had to do was to give one to Lin Wan’er.

Not only because this girl had lived too hard in the past four hundred years, but also because she had saved her life.

And in Ye Chen’s subconscious mind, there was also a voice repeatedly reminding himself that no matter what, he had to let Lin Wan’er live a normal life, so that she would have a long enough remaining life to heal from the experiences of the past three hundred years.

Lin Wan’er did not know what was in Ye Chen’s mind, she only felt that the topic between the two of them for a while was a bit heavy, she wanted to liven up the atmosphere, but when she thought that the atmosphere was made like this by herself, she did not know what to do for a while.

At this time, Ye Chen was also thinking of changing the topic to soothe the atmosphere, and just happened to glance at the roadside signboard, so he said to Lin Wan’er, “Immediately to Shuanglang.”

Lin Wan’er looked towards the signboard and saw that it said that there were still ten kilometres away from Shuanglang, and immediately said with joy, “Finally, we’re almost there.”

After saying that, she took out her mobile phone and checked the movements of Wu Feiyan’s plane, and said with a smile, “Wu Feiyan has only just taken off from Melbourne, and her second leg of the journey has not been altered, and her destination is still Mandalay, Myanmar.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked her, “What do you think is the likelihood of her coming to Shuanglang?”

Lin Wan’er said, “One hundred per cent.”

Ye Chen asked, “How can you be so sure?”

Lin Wan Er smiled and explained, “Wu Fei Yan is extremely conceited, with my understanding of her, my father repeatedly rejected her good intentions in the first place, I think she can’t let go of her feelings even after so many years, since she took the route to Burma this time, she will definitely come to Shuang Lang!”