Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5824

Whenever Wu Sangui is mentioned, Lin Wan Er will hate to gnash her teeth.

Mentioned four uncles and their descendants did not survive, Lin Wan Er is more tears.

Ye Chen did not expect, Lin Wan Er grandfather’s family was so miserable, could not help but sigh: “that era, human life as grass, I do not know how many continued hundreds of thousands of years of family in that era broke the inheritance.”

Lin Wan Er clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, “I blame the great traitor Wu Sangui!”

Saying this, she rarely showed a stern attitude and said word by word, “My Lin family has been loyal for generations! My ancestors have done their best for the Ming Dynasty, and my father even joined the military, fought against the Qing Dynasty for half of his life, and never forgot to support the Han Dynasty until his death, but he, Wu Sangui, not only let the Qing Army enter the country, subverted the Han Dynasty, and even killed the Yongli Emperor for his own self-interests, in my heart, he is the biggest traitor the Han Chinese have ever had!”

Ye Chen thought for a moment and said, “In terms of today’s public opinion, Qin Hui is much more cursed than Wu Sangui.”

Lin Wan’er shook her head and said seriously, “Wu Sangui’s evil deeds and sinister intentions must not be pondered over or thought about in detail, or else it will make people’s bones creep out, and is by no means comparable to Qin Hui’s stream.”

Said, Lin Wan Er and said: “WuSanGui stationed in Liaodong for many years, also with the Qing army for many years, to say to the Qing army brutality understanding, the world of han, he is absolutely in the forefront, can be said that no one can be out of its right, he is very clear that the Qing army into the customs will bring how much of a disaster for the people of GuanZhou, but even so, he will still be put into the Qing army into GuanZhou, to sell the country to seek honour and glory, total disregard for the world’s people! The safety and security of the people of the world, see this person’s intention of sinister!”

Ye Chen nodded with approval, “This point, I agree with your point of view, this person is indeed the history of China, one of the big traitors, the most disgraceful thing is that he first surrendered to the Qing Dynasty, killed the last emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty, and later on, in the name of restoring the Han Dynasty to rebel against the Han Dynasty, in history, it is not easy to find the second such a person.”

Lin Wan’er let out a long sigh and said in a dishevelled manner, “To Wu Sangui, more than three hundred years have passed, and I still can’t get over it.”

Ye Chen comforted, “Wu Sangui has been dead for so many years, and it seems that all his family members have been decapitated, so it can be considered as getting the retribution he deserves.”

Lin Wan Er gritted her teeth and said, “But Wu Sangui was not beheaded! He died of illness! Such a big traitor deserves to be executed by lynching! It’s really cheap for him!”

Ye Chen nodded and asked her, “By the way, do you still have relatives on your father’s side?”

“Nope.” Lin Wan’er shook her head, “The Lin family was already in decline by the end of the Ming Dynasty, my father was the only son in the family, and after my mother passed away, he was unwilling to renew his marriage, so after he left, I was the only one left.”

Ye Chen could not help but feel some sympathy for Lin Wan’er.

She and Wu Feiyan were both people who had taken the Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill and lived for three to four hundred years, but their fates were very different.

Wu Feiyan had re-organised the Broken Qing Society after Lin Yuelu’s death, and had also been the Ying Master for three to four hundred years, during which time the Broken Qing Society had grown and her personal power had also risen.

And her own family, but also under her blessing has also long been spread, the entire five military governor’s office of the core personnel are Wu family, from this it can be seen, today’s Wu family, has been a prosperous and strong super family, comprehensive strength even if it is the Rothschild family to come, afraid to respect him for three points.

But Lin Wan’er, on the contrary, her grandfather’s lineage was completely cut off more than three hundred years ago, and her Lin family’s lineage has only left her alone to live to this day.

What was even more detestable was that Lin Wan Er had been constantly dodging Wu Fei Yan’s pursuit for all the years she had been alive, and the two of them were in a situation that was literally one day and one place at a time.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask her, “You’ve been hunted by Wu Fei Yan for so many years, haven’t you ever thought of giving her the ring and exchanging yourself for a peaceful rest of your life?”