Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5822

  ”Yes yes yes.” Ye Chen nodded with a smile, at this time, the plane had slowly rolled out of its slot, so Ye Chen brought the topic back to the main topic and whispered, “We’ll be able to land in Lijiang in more than two hours, and the first thing we’ll do after landing is to rent a car and go to Dali, can you still recall the exact location of your father’s clothesline grave?”

Lin Wan’er put away her smile and spoke, “My father’s clothes grave, is in the north-east of Erhai, I’ve seen maps and satellite photos, that place, is now renamed Shuanglang.”

Ye Chen nodded, took out his mobile phone to check the map, and said, “Shuanglang is still a bit closer to Lijiang, it’s almost an hour and a half drive after getting off the plane.”

“Well ……,” Lin Wan’er nodded her head slightly and said, “Father’s clothes mound is on the mountain in the northeast of Shuanglang, a few hundred years have passed, I don’t know what has become there now.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Was there a tombstone left back then?”

“There was.” Lin Wan’er said, “Back then, I asked someone to carve a stone monument and buried his clothes from his life with my mother, but I don’t know if I can still find it.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Is your mother buried there too?”

Lin Wan’er said, “Originally, but before I left Dali, I was afraid that Wu Feiyan would destroy my parents’ remains, so I took up my mother’s remains and cremated them, and then buried them with my father’s ashes in Poole.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then let’s find a way to find your father’s burial mound, then find a way to see how to lay some surveillance, and strive to be able to film Wu Fei Yan when she goes there, and after making preparations, we won’t wait for Wu Fei Yan to arrive, and I’ll directly accompany you to Pool to pay homage to your parents.”

Lin Wan Er looked at Ye Chen and said seriously, “Sir, Wu Fei Yan is suspicious by nature, maybe she will also disguise herself or even change her face this time, if you can’t capture her appearance, you mustn’t be disappointed.”

“It’s fine.” Ye Chen said blandly: “I am mainly uneasy about you going to Diannan alone, want to accompany you to pay your respects to your parents, and then accompany you back to the mother of Pu Cha where she used to grow up nostalgia, and finally bring you back to Jinling safely, as for Wu Fei Yan, but it’s just like a meal to find the boss to ask for an invoice to scrape a prize in the process, it is good luck to win, it does not matter if not, anyway, the meal is good to eat on the line. ”

Lin Wan’er heart touched, gently nodded, sighed: “My biggest wish before, is to die before I can go back to Diannan again, all these places again and again, thanks to the blessing of Gongzi, this time finally can be realised ……”

Ye Chen asked her, “If you solve the trouble of Wu Fei Yan, what do you want to do the most?”

Lin Wan’er said without thinking, “What I used to want to do the most was to move my parents’ tomb to the edge of the Tianchi, and then build a cabin by the side of the Tianchi, at the place where the Mother of Pu Cha failed to cross the threshold back then, and raise a few cows, a few goats, and a dog, and live out the rest of my life uneventfully.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Before? What about now?”

“Now?” Lin Wan’er looked at Ye Chen, lowered her eyelids, and murmured, “These past few days there has suddenly been some confusion ……”

Ye Chen asked her, “Confused about what?”

Lin Wan’er smiled faintly and softly said, “Confused about where she should go in the future.”

At this time, the stewardess carried two cups of drinks and walked over from the kitchen area in front of them, so the two of them terminated their previous conversation.

Lin Wan Er’s mood was a little low, seeing the flight attendant coming, she obediently leaned her head sideways on Ye Chen’s shoulder and whispered, “Honey I’m a little tired, I want to squint for a while.”