Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5820

  Lin Wan’er pondered for a moment, nodded and said, “Staying here is also not impossible, let it be like this first, make reasonable arrangements on your own, I won’t worry about you.”

Sun Zhidong respectfully arched his hand and said, “Miss doesn’t need to worry about me, it’s better to go and get busy with Mr Ye as soon as possible!”

Lin Wan’er nodded her head slightly and said to the four, “In that case, then I will leave with Mr Ye first.”

The four people hurriedly sent the two to the courtyard, and only after seeing Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er sitting in the car one by one and witnessing them driving down the mountain, did they sort of let go of their hearts.

In the car, Ye Chen concentrated on driving, while Lin Wan’er, who was on the side, somehow turned red again.

She looked at Ye Chen, looked out the window and hesitated before shyly asking him, “Honey, how long will it take for us to get to the airport?”

Ye Chen casually said, “Half an hour.”

Lin Wan Er couldn’t help but ask him with a puff of air, “Shouldn’t Gongzi call his slave baby?”

Ye Chen coughed twice and asked her, “There’s no one else here, do we really need to call her that?”

Lin Wan’er aggrieved, “Nu Jia previously agreed with Gongzi ……”

Ye Chen immediately said in a serious manner, “Good, keep your promise.”

After saying that, he adjusted and spoke, “Baby, we’ll be at the airport in half an hour.”

Lin Wan’er smiled shyly and sweetly, and happily said, “Got it, thanks honey!”

Satisfied, Lin Wan Er couldn’t help but glance at Ye Chen’s left hand holding the steering wheel, and asked curiously, “Honey, didn’t you wear the ring I gave you when you went out?”

Ye Chen casually said, “What’s the point of wearing it? The ring recognises your father as the owner, not me, I’m going out with you, when I encounter danger, it will still teleport me to you, in case I really encountered Wu Feiyan, wouldn’t it be a bug that would make her unable to fly out of her five-fingered mountain? I’m afraid that I’m still letting her get that ring for nothing, instead of that, I’d rather not wear it.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “Wu Fei Yan dreams of wanting that ring of yours, if we don’t bring it with us, even if we are really caught by Wu Fei Yan, we will still have a bit of capital to talk to her about conditions.”

Lin Wan Er nodded her head and said, “It’s still you dear who thinks more comprehensively, I haven’t thought about this point ……”


Half an hour later, the two arrived at the airport.

Ye Chen parked the car and just got off, Lin Wan’er stepped forward and took the initiative to hold Ye Chen’s arm, looking very intimate.

Ye Chen was slightly stunned, and before he could say anything, Lin Wan’er on the side said, “Couples should be holding each other like this, right?”

“Oh ……” Ye Chen understood that she was pretending to be a couple with herself, so he nodded and said, “It should be.”

Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but laugh, “Then when you board the plane in a while, in order to prevent the crew from being suspicious, shouldn’t you be holding onto you as well?”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “No problem, just watch it.”

Saying that, Ye Chen took out his mobile phone and looked at it, and on the paid version of the flight software, he was able to clearly see that Wu Feiyan’s plane had already leapt over New Zealand, and was already very close to Melbourne.

Ye Chen was being held by Lin Wan Er while looking at his mobile phone and whispered, “Wu Fei Yan’s plane has already gone down in altitude, it seems that she will definitely have to land in Melbourne to replenish her fuel, and the whole journey will take at least an hour, we are estimated to take off almost at the same time as her, considering that she is going to Myanmar first, so we will have to have a lot of time, so much so that we will be able to play and catch up, and we will be able to do that while playing with ourselves. ”

Lin Wan’er nodded slightly and sighed, “I haven’t been back in many years, when I arrive in Yunnan, everything will be at your disposal.”