Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5813

Yun Ruge was a little puzzled.

She looked at Ye Chen and asked in surprise, “Mr Ye …… you and Miss Lin, why did you take the risk of approaching Wu Feiyan? Isn’t this …… this too dangerous?”

Ye Chen said blandly, “It sounds quite dangerous, but in fact, Miss Lin and I didn’t really intend to approach Wu Fei Yan;”

“Miss Lin’s idea is to make a time difference, according to Miss Lin’s analysis, wherever Wu Fei Yan goes, the probability is that the members of the Broken Cleansing Society have already withdrawn, besides, the entire Broken Cleansing Society has now entered into the silent stage, so as long as this time difference is played well, the place where she’s going to be is instead safer for us.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh, “She is the biggest enemy in my life so far, I always have to know what this person looks like first, besides, her purpose of coming to China this time is most likely to go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, and I would also like to know where that Meng Changsheng, back then, was actually in seclusion for cultivation.”

Hearing this, Yun Ruge gently nodded.

She opened her mouth and said, “Duke Ye and Miss Lin have exceptional guts and strategies, they are really a perfect match, the two of you will definitely be able to defeat the Broken Clearance Society and kill Wu Feiyan handily when you join forces!”

Ye Chen smiled to himself and said lightly, “If you want to defeat the Broken Qing Society, your comprehensive strength has to exceed the Broken Qing Society; if you want to kill Wu Feiyan, your personal strength has to exceed Wu Feiyan, no matter which of these two dimensions, we are still far from being able to do so.”

Yun Ruge seriously said, “”Matters lie in the hands of others, I firmly believe that Mr Ye will be able to do it!””

Saying that, she immediately said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, Wu Feiyan had taught my subordinate a heart mantra, by running the heart mantra, one can hide the traces of one’s breath and aura, I’ll tell you about the heart mantra, try it yourself.”

Ye Chen nodded, “Thank you Miss Yun then.”

Yun Ruge did not hide anything, and immediately taught Ye Chen the heart method that Wu Feiyan had taught her, word for word.

After Ye Chen had memorised it, he tried to run the Heart Technique, and it really felt as if the aura in his body had formed a barrier on the surface of his body, locking all the aura within it.

When Yun Ruge saw that Ye Chen had successfully run the Heart Technique, she opened her mouth and reminded, “Mr Ye, one of the biggest disadvantages of this Heart Technique is that after the aura of the spiritual qi has been hidden, you yourself will no longer be able to use it, and once you use the spiritual qi, the effect of the concealment will also be terminated immediately, so you must be a little more careful.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded his head slightly, and after a few words of thanks, he said to Yun Ruge, “Miss Yun recuperate well here, I will come back to visit after I return from Diannan.”

Yun Ruge subconsciously said, “Mr Ye, why don’t I also go with you, in case of danger, I can also help you!”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “You can ask for your help when you meet anyone, but only not when you meet Wu Feiyan, there is a formation left behind by her in your Mud Pill Palace, and I think that with her insidiousness and viciousness, she must have a way to activate the formation, so it is safer for Miss Yun to not appear around her.”

Yun Ruge nodded gently.

She felt that what Ye Chen said was very reasonable, Wu Feiyan was ruthless, since she could leave a powerful self-destruct formation inside her Mud Pill Palace, she must have a way to activate it.

Thus, she spoke, “Then I will congratulate you in advance on your triumph, sir.”


At this moment.

The Boeing 777 that Wu Feiyan was travelling on had already flown through New Zealand’s airspace and would soon land in Australia for fuel resupply.

Although the speed of nearly a thousand kilometres per hour was already fast, it still made Wu Feiyan a little anxious.