Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5795

 Grandpa nodded and said without hesitation, “Don’t worry Chen’er, from now on, we’ll listen to your arrangements in everything!”

Grandmother couldn’t help but say, “Chen’er, you’ve been drinking, so don’t drive, or let your second uncle give you a substitute driver.”

Ye Chen laughed, “Grandma don’t worry, the alcohol has already been consumed by the internal force, I won’t drink and drive.”

After saying that, Ye Chen added, “By the way Grandpa and Grandma, the Wanliu Villa’s Rejuvenation Pill Formation, tomorrow I will go over and transfer it over, the two of you will live in Jinling for a period of time more, and your physical condition will be further improved.”

Grandmother subconsciously said, “Chen’er, it’s better not to waste any more Rejuvenation Dan on the two of us ……”

The old man on the side said very seriously, “I just said that everything is arranged by Chen’er, so don’t sing against me anymore.”

For An Qishan, he had already taken a whole Spring Returning Dan, in fact, that formation was no longer that important to him, but he recognised a base logic, since he said that he would all listen to Ye Chen’s arrangement, he naturally had to abide by the decision, regardless of whether Ye Chen’s decision was beneficial or detrimental to him.

The old lady’s thoughts were actually very simple, that is, she felt a bit guilty, but after hearing these words from the old man, she realised that her pattern was small, so she nodded her head in a hurry and said, “Chen’er, your grandpa is right, from now on, we will all listen to your arrangements, everything will be fine for you to decide.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, and added, “By the way Grandmother, Hong Tianshi is now working as my instructor at the hot spring hotel under the mountain, you and him are also considered old mentors, tomorrow I will let him pay a visit, in the future here, if you have any needs, look for him to make arrangements.”

The old lady exclaimed, “Tianshi Hong is actually here?”

“Right.” Ye Chen laughed, “He has to stay here, he can’t even be driven away, so why don’t we just let him be an instructor and give play to his residual passion.”

After saying that, Ye Chen stood up and politely said, “Grandparents, uncles and aunts, and Inspector Li, it’s getting late, I have to hurry to meet my friends, so I’ll take my leave first!”

An Qishan busily said, “Chen’er, I’ll see you to the door.”

Everyone else also got up and joined An Qishan, sending Ye Chen to the door.

Ye Chen opened the door of the BMW and said to the crowd before getting into the car, “It’s getting late, grandparents will all go to rest as well.”

Grandma hurriedly asked him, “Chen’er, you said you’d still come over tomorrow, right?”

“Right.” Ye Chen nodded, “Tomorrow, I will first go to Wanliu Villa and withdraw the formation there, and after that, I will come to pay a visit.”

Grandma corrected, “It’s not a boarding visit, it’s going home! From now on, where Grandma and Grandpa are, is your home! When will you go home tomorrow, tell Grandma in advance, and Grandma will cook you your favourite dishes from when you were a child!”

Ye Chen gently nodded and said seriously, “Okay Grandma, then I’ll come back for dinner tomorrow night.”

“Good!” Grandma smiled gratefully and said, “Go and get busy with your business.”

Ye Chen bid farewell to everyone, then started the car and left the Champs Spa Villa.

On his way to drive to Zijinshan Manor, he made a call to Lin Wan’er.

As soon as the phone call was made, Lin Wan’er asked him joyfully, “Is Gongzi done with his work?”

Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, “Miss Lin, I’m driving over to meet you now, I’ll be there in about thirty minutes, it’s a bit late, I don’t know if it’s convenient for Miss Lin?”

Lin Wan Er said without thinking, “Nu Jia has been waiting for Gongzi, Gongzi will just come directly, Nu Jia has asked Old Qiu to settle his subordinates, the three of them have also been waiting for Gongzi.”

“Good!” Ye Chen added, “By the way Miss Lin, there are some things that I would like to ask you alone, at that time, can you give me some alone time first, after I have finished asking about things, then I will have a face-to-face chat with the three of them old gentlemen.”

Lin Wan’er said, “Of course there is no problem, I’ll let them evade first, after you arrive, you can directly come to my special courtyard!”