Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5774

  At dinner time, Hong Wu brought a few people to the door, after the door was fastened, he said to An Chongqiu who came to open the door, “Mr An, I have prepared some good meals for you all, these are the chefs of my Tian Xiang Fu who are specially burnt here, the ingredients of the meals are all controlled by me personally, I personally keep an eye on them when they are cooking, and when the meals are being served, I have let them produce a small portion,” he said, “I have already tried the poison for you all. Already tried the poison for you all, it’s fine, you can take it at ease!”

An Chongqiu didn’t expect, Hong Wu this middle-aged man actually can do things in the thick and thin, surprised, also can’t help but be grateful: “It’s really too much trouble Mr Hong!”

Hong Wu hurriedly said, “Look at what you said, Mr An, you all are Master Ye’s relatives, I am Master Ye’s subordinate, it is only right that I serve you all.”

The old lady came over at this time, said quietly, “Mr Hong, the meal you prepared at noon we didn’t move much, to be honest, we really don’t have any appetite at such a time, I don’t know what happened to my family’s Chen’er in the end, there has been no news, and I don’t see anyone else coming, I’m this Kexin can’t always be put down …… ”

“Yes ……” the old man An Qishan also could not help but sigh: “Mr Hong, I wonder if it is possible to help us contact with Chen’er?”

Hong Wu heatedly smiled and said, “Old Mr An, it is reasonable to say that I shouldn’t talk nonsense, but this meal tonight, it is Master Ye who specially explained me to arrange it, not only did he prepare all of my Tian Xiang Fu’s best dishes, but he also specially asked me to prepare the best wines, as for what Master Ye’s intention is, you should be able to guess without me saying.”

The old man was instantly surprised and asked, “Mr Hong, you …… are saying that Chen’er is coming over for dinner tonight?!”

The old lady at the side was also excited and said, “Mr Hong, is Chen’er really coming?”

Hong Wu smiled and said, “Old sir, old lady, Master Ye only ordered for me to prepare the best banquet and the best drinks, he didn’t tell me anything else, but I think it should be what you guessed.”

“Great!” The old lady instantly reddened with excitement, wiping her tears while choking somewhat incoherently, “Chen’er is coming …… Chongqiu, you quickly prepare!”

An Chongqiu hurriedly asked, “Mum, what do you need me to prepare, you just order.”

The old lady nervously said, “I don’t know …… it’s just that Chen’er hasn’t eaten with us for twenty years, we have to prepare some of the things Chen’er loved to eat when he was a child …… I still remember that he loved to eat the eggplant boxes that I deep fried, you quickly Go prepare the ingredients, the faster the better!”

An Chongqiu patiently explained, “Mom, we were hastily brought here by Mr Hong last night, not to mention not having the ingredients, even the kitchenware and cutlery may not be complete, besides, Mr Hong said that Chen’er instructed not to let us leave this place.”

The old lady said urgently, “Then call someone to send some over, my eldest grandson is coming back, I, as a grandmother, can’t prepare nothing!”

An Chongqiu said helplessly, “Mom, there has been no signal on the mobile phone in this house, and the landline can’t be called out, so it’s not realistic to find someone to send it temporarily.”

Hong Wu hurriedly explained, “Mr An, the mobile phone signal here was blocked by Master Ye’s instructions, he said that there might still be informers within the An family, and temporarily prevented you all from contacting the outside world.”

An Chongqiu asked in surprise, “The An Family still has informers?!”

Hong Wu explained, “Master Ye is also just suspicious, so it is prudent for you all not to contact the outside world for the time being.”

After saying that, he hurriedly said to the old lady again, “Old lady An, the cooks of the Tian Xiang House, all of them have been got over by me, right under the mountain, with all the ingredients and cooking utensils, whatever you need, I’ll go and prepare it for you, and send it over to you later on!”

Once the old lady heard this, she was instantly happy, and said gratefully, “Aiya, that’s really thankful to you Mr Hong!”