Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5766

Wu Tianlin was so frightened by Wu Fei Yan’s eyes that he trembled, and busily knelt down on both knees, knocking his head heavily on the ground as well, and said in horror, “My subordinate deserves to die, and begs for the atonement of Lord Ying!”

Wu Fei Yan snorted coldly and chided, “From now on, if you say one more word, go back to the Liaodong Ancestral Tomb to fend for yourself!”

The Wu family’s ancestral home was Liaodong, and the Wu family’s ancestral tomb was located there.

However, for the Wu family within the Breaking the Qing Society, once Lord British told him to go back to Liaodong to guard his ancestral tomb, it would be the same as being sent to Ningguta in the Qing Dynasty, and once he went there, he would only be able to die there for the rest of his life.

Wu Tianlin was so terrified that he fiercely smacked himself twice and kept kowtowing and crying, “My subordinate deserves to die, my subordinate deserves to die! Thank you for Lord Ying’s flood of grace!”

Wu Fei Yan didn’t pay any more attention to him and faintly said, “Get lost, arrange the things I’ve explained to you!”

“Subordinate obeys!” Wu Tianlin was like a great amnesty, once again kowtowing three times in a row, rolling and crawling towards the door to escape.

Wu Fei Yan suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

Wu Tianlin’s back was cold, panicked and turned back, shivering and asked, “Ying …… Ying Lord …… you …… what else do you command? ”

Wu Fei Yan asked him, “How are the three great elders doing?”

Seeing that Wu Fei Yan was not pursuing himself, Wu Tian Lin was relieved and at the same time, he hurriedly bowed and said, “Back to Lord Ying, the three great elders are now waiting in the secret meeting hall.”

Wu Fei Yan frowned and asked him, “When I asked you to return to the ship, did you notice any changes in the three of them?”

“This ……,” Wu Tianlin hesitated for a moment and said respectfully, “Back to British Lord, when you ordered the return voyage, the three great elders all looked a little displeased.”

“Displeased?” Wu Fei Yan sneered and said blandly, “These three are displeased that I stirred up their retreat, it seems that human nature is like this, if you reward him with a bowl of rice, he may not be much grateful to you, but if you were to take away the rice that was half-eaten by him, he would instead hold a grudge against you.”

Wu Tianlin carefully asked, “Lord Ying, then what do you think should happen?”

Wu Fei Yan blandly said, “Award! Naturally, it should be commended! When you lead soldiers to war, you should be rewarded for winning, you should be rewarded for being tired, and you should be rewarded for making a trip for nothing!”

After saying that, he added: “However, the award is not now, first hang them out to dry, let them complain in their hearts, directly reward them, will make them feel that they should have been rewarded, it would be better to let their own ideas spread wildly, when the time is right then let them feel ashamed for their previous complaints.”

Wu Tianlin was confused by what he heard, but he could only fawn and flatter, “Ying Lord is wise, my subordinate is not as good as I am!”

Wu Fei Yan knew that he was simply slipping up, so he waved his hand with some impatience and said, “Alright, go and arrange a residence for them, and keep them company for these few days, and for the rest, wait for me to come back.”

Wu Tianlin said without hesitation, “Subordinate obeys!”

After Wu Tianlin went out, Wu Fei Yan paced to a world map that was projected onto the wall with a laser.

The main hall that was more than six metres high had a six metre high and twelve metre wide map of the world projected on the entire wall.