Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5760

  ”If that’s true, then he was already waiting to kill the people I sent there!”

“And he knew that I would definitely send experts proficient in aura, so he deliberately used the magic weapon as bait to lure my people into the trap!”

Once she thought of this, Wu Feiyan no longer cared to sort through the countless clues and possibilities in her mind, she only thought of hurrying up and calling all three Elders back.

Because, since the other party was not even afraid of Chang Sheng Bo’s self-explosion, then the three Elders might not be his opponent either.

In case these three arrived at Jinling and were then set up by the other party to kill them all, wouldn’t they have suffered even heavier losses?

Three of the Four Great Counts were already gone, and if the Three Great Elders were also gone, the Broken Clear Society would lose most of its fighting power in terms of aura.

Moreover, she was even more worried that now that the other party had released the portrait of the Master, it should only be a warning to herself. If she sent the Three Elders to Jinling immediately afterwards, wouldn’t it be clear that she was going to fight the other party to the death? In that case, I’m afraid it would completely anger the other party!

Wu Feiyan did not dare to delay and immediately picked up a satellite phone and called Wu Changlin on the plane.

At this moment, Wu Tianlin had just calmed down the fears of the three elders about the plane for the time being, when he suddenly received a call from Wu Feiyan, he immediately picked up the phone and said respectfully, “What are your orders, Ying Lord?”

Without thinking, Wu Feiyan said, “The mission is cancelled, turn around and come back immediately!”

“Huh?” Wu Tianlin hurriedly picked up the phone and walked to the back of the Boeing plane, asking in astonishment, “Why is the mission cancelled, Lord Ying ……? The three elders have only just come out of customs after a long time, so they should go to Jinling to find out what’s going on, no matter what!”

Wu Feiyan coldly scolded, “You came back when I told you to! Who gave you the guts to question my decision?!”

Wu Tianlin was suddenly drenched in cold sweat, he hurriedly slapped himself twice and said with fear and trepidation, “It was my fault for talking too much, I hope you will forgive me, don’t worry, I will let the crew return!”

After hanging up the phone, Wu Tianlin hurriedly headed for the cockpit.

Passing by the area where the three elders were resting, Wu Po Lin spoke up and asked, “Tian Lin, what has happened? Why did the British Lord tell us to return to the ship!”

Only then did Wu Tianlin realise how foolish he had just been to ask Lord Ying over the phone why he wanted to cancel, which of the three Elders in front of him was not of immense strength? Everything he had said to Lord Ying over the phone could not escape their ears, and naturally Lord Ying could not have mentioned any hidden information over the phone.

He then hurriedly said to the three of them, “Lord Ying suddenly said that the mission was cancelled, but for what specific reason, junior is not yet known.”

After saying that, he arched his hand towards the three and said respectfully, “The three grandfathers will wait for a while, I will go and talk to the crew, but we should wait to see what the exact situation is until we meet the Ying Master after we return and then see what instructions he has!”

When the three heard this, they could not help but feel a little disappointed in their hearts.

It wasn’t that they wanted to go to Jinling to complete the mission so much, they just felt that the British Lord had woken them up from their seclusion in order to let them complete this important mission, and although their seclusion was interrupted, as long as the mission was completed, the British Lord would definitely have something to commend them, and they would be able to continue their seclusion with peace of mind.

But now, the Lord suddenly asked them to return, which meant that not only would they not receive any reward, they might even enter a state of emergency where they would be on standby at all times, and once they entered this state, there was no telling when they would be able to return to seclusion!

The three of them looked at each other and could see the doubt and dissatisfaction in each other’s eyes, but no one dared to say what was in their hearts on this plane that made them so apprehensive.

Soon after, the crew, at Wu Tianlin’s behest, applied to ATC for a return flight to Buenos Aires.

Five minutes later, ATC approved the plane’s return flight.

The Boeing 777 then, drawing a large circle over the ocean, turned around and flew towards the airport from which it had come.

And at this moment, Ye Chen, who had monitored several planes, suddenly noticed that most of the transoceanic planes were taking a straight line, except for one plane, which completed a 360-degree turn in the sky, leaving a circular trajectory map before heading in the direction of Buenos Aires.

Seeing this scene, Ye Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He knew that his “Empty City Scheme” had worked!