Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5751

Xiao Changkun’s face was even more ugly, he hurriedly pulled the hem of Ye Chen’s shirt and whispered, “Good son-in-law, let’s talk outside!”

  Ye Chen nodded with a smile and followed Xiao Changkun to the courtyard.

  Xiao Changkun said to Ye Chen with a sad face: “Good son-in-law, Dad’s current situation is really a bit passive. …… Now there are a lot of rumors inside the association, many people say that I have no real talent, I can become the executive vice president of the second in command, all because of the support of President Pei, saying that I am a connected household. Now the President Pei is also very passive there ……”

  The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. “

  When Xiao Changkun heard this, he asked excitedly, “Good son-in-law, what did your client say? Is he willing to lend us?”

  Ye Chen said, “That client of mine has a special status, and many of his collections are not quite convenient to take out for exhibition, but he is still very kind, and knowing that my father-in-law is going to hold a painting exhibition, he specially took out a painting and said he would donate it to this painting and calligraphy exhibition.”

  After saying that, Ye Chen handed the painting tube containing the painting in his hand to Xiao Changkun.

  Xiao Changkun was surprised and asked, “Donating a painting to a painting and calligraphy exhibition? What kind of painting?”

  Ye Chen said casually, “I’m not sure, this painting is quite mysterious, there is no writer’s signature, nor is there a seal, there is only a paragraph mentioning the words, open it and take a look.”

  Xiao Changkun was delighted and hurriedly took the microphone and pulled the portrait of Meng Changsheng, out of it.

  Not bothering to go inside to look at it, Xiao Changkun directly unfolded the scroll and held it in his hand in awe, saying, “Holy shit! This is a great painting!”

  Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, “Dad, tell me about this painting, what’s so great about it?”

  Xiao Changkun smacked his lips and said, “If you want me to say, I really can’t say four, five, six, I just think that this painting is very good, realistic! Look at this little old man, he’s painting it like it’s real! Look at this little old man, he’s painting it like it’s real! And when he stands on this big rock, he’s really like no one else! It’s a really good painting!” Fun Corner

  If Meng Changsheng had heard this, even the strongest daoist heart would have been infuriated by his comment.

  At this moment, Xiao Changkun looked at the words on this painting, and his mouth recited, “Meng Sheng, character Changming, a native of Chang’an, born in the first year of Linde of the Great Tang ……”

  As he said this, he suddenly stared wide eyed and blurted out, “Ouch crap, the old man on this painting is from the Tang Dynasty? So does that mean that the painting was also painted by a Tang dynasty man?”

  Ye Chen laughed, “Maybe, but the artist didn’t leave his name or time, so you can just pretend it’s a painting from the Tang Dynasty.”

  Xiao Changkun was overjoyed and said, “A painter from the Tang Dynasty, that must be more than a thousand years ago, and the painting is still so good, if this is taken to a painting and calligraphy exhibition, it will be great.”

  Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and laughed, “The key is that there is no signature on the painting, even if it is a painting by a Tang Dynasty artist, there is no way to identify the actual creator, so it would be difficult to sell this kind of painting in the painting and calligraphy market, and it would probably not cause much of a ripple.”

  Xiao Changkun said, “What the hell, it’s a good painting and it’s from the Tang Dynasty, that’s very impressive, even if it doesn’t make too much of a splash, at least it will help me complete the performance assessment of the Painting and Calligraphy Association!”

  After saying that, he hurriedly asked Ye Chen, “Good son-in-law, so I’ll take this painting?”