Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5749

   They did not know much about Ye Chen, they only knew that Ye Chen was the benefactor with great divine powers that Lin Wan’er had spoken of.

At this time, Lin Wan’er’s face at the side was happy and she immediately spoke, “Old Sun, I said that the door to your life is in Jinling, so it seems that it all then lies with Ye Gongzi, why don’t you hurry up and thank Ye Gongzi for saving your life?”

Sun Zhidong’s eyes were suddenly wide with disbelief.

Lin Wan’er said to the other two, “Old Zhang and Old Qiu, Duke Ye is going to give you a fortune, what are you still doing?”

The three of them came to their senses at the same time, and all of them understood the meaning of Lin Wan’er’s words in a flash, and in their excitement, they hastened to bow down to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen hastily stopped the three of them with both hands and said, “The three old gentlemen don’t bother me, I am in a hurry, I will visit you tomorrow and talk to you then.”

After saying that, he looked at Lin Wan’er and said, “Miss Lin, let’s go first.”

Lin Wan’er nodded gently and then said to the three of them, “I’ll send Mr. Ye home, so you can let the subordinates move around normally later.”

Qiu Ying Shan said respectfully, “Yes Miss!”

Inside the courtyard of the Purple Mountain Villa, a Rolls Royce was already parked with its doors open.

Lin Wan’er was about to enter the main car when Ye Chen took the first step and said, “Miss Lin, let me drive.”

Lin Wan’er nodded and immediately went to the passenger seat.

After getting into the car, Ye Chen drove down the hill to Townsend One.

On the way, Lin Wan’er said gratefully, “Sir, Old Zhang and the three of them are very old, without this blessing from you, I’m afraid it would have been difficult to last more than three to five years, my slave thanks you for your great kindness!”

Ye Chen smiled blandly, “Three pills are just three pills, it’s not a great kindness, moreover, that grandfather Sun, and my father are also considered old acquaintances, since we met, we naturally can’t just sit back and do nothing.”

Speaking here, Ye Chen glanced at Lin Wan’er and added, “Like you said, you haven’t adopted any orphans since World War II, the youngest of these orphans is probably 70 or 80 years old, right?”

Lin Wan’er suddenly looked a little forlorn, sighed lightly and said, “These people, although my slave has always told them since they first understood that my slave only treats them as subordinates, in fact in my slave’s heart, I have always treated them as my own relatives …… The reason why I always put the master-servant relationship in a very clear way is that not wanting to appear too weak, and when I encountered their birth, old age, sickness and death, the slave had always acted very indifferently, but in fact, every single one of them passed away, the slave’s heart was very sad.”

Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, “Now that these three old gentlemen of theirs are good enough to accompany you together, if I can make them live longer, they will naturally be able to accompany you more as well, you are a girl with little ability to protect yourself, having them around to help will certainly make it much easier.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “If Jinling can always be safe, Miss Lin can also always live in Jinling, I am here, and if Miss Lin needs any help, I will definitely try my best to help as well.”

Lin Wan’er knew that Ye Chen really felt sorry for herself, for the suffering she had gone through for over three hundred years of running around.

She looked at Ye Chen gratefully and choked up, “Slave …… thank you for your pity ……”

Ye Chen said seriously, “Miss Lin, in my opinion, the greatest kindness in the world is only three, the kindness of parents, the kindness of saving my life and the kindness of knowing you, Miss Lin saved my life, at any time in the future, I will not put you out of my mind.”

Ye Chen said these words from the bottom of his heart.

He knew how difficult Lin Wan’er’s life had been, and he also knew that once these old people passed away, her life would be like those years when she had just taken the Ten Thousand Ancient Everlasting Pills, with no one to rely on in this world.

Therefore, Ye Chen had secretly resolved in his heart that in the next hundred years of Lin Wan’er’s life, he would not let her lose her support.

At this moment, Lin Wan’er was already in tears.

For over three hundred years, she had never had any thoughts of relying on others, and reality had never given her any chance to rely on others!