Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5747

  Over the years, Lin Wan’er has adopted many children, but very few have been able to stay with her.

Both Sun Zhidong and Qiu Yingshan had expressed their desire to stay by Lin Wan’er’s side more than once, but Lin Wan’er did not agree.

In the end, they were both sent out by Lin Wan’er. Qiu Yingshan took over Lin Wan’er’s properties in Southeast Asia, while Lin Wan’er saw that Sun Zhidong was eager to serve his country and supported his return to serve in China.

To all three of them, Lin Wan’er’s identity and role were extremely special. When they were young, Lin Wan’er was like an unfailing mother; when they were children, Lin Wan’er was like a learned sister; when they were adults, Lin Wan’er was like an inscrutable best friend; and when they were middle-aged or even old, Lin Wan’er became the little girl they loved most.

Therefore, all three of them longed for Lin Wan’er to find a home for her own life after centuries of wandering and fleeing.

After hearing that Lin Wan’er seemed to have moved her mortal heart towards Ye Chen, the two of them were naturally overwhelmed with joy in their hearts.

At this moment, seeing that the two were still a little uncertain, Old Zhang whispered, “In all the years I’ve followed Miss, I’ve never seen her blush in front of anyone, much less look at anyone with that kind of affectionate look in her eyes! Today is the first time! Would you say that this is a move of mortal heart?”

Qiu Yingshan was so relieved that his eyes even smiled with a few tears in them and said, “Yes! That’s great! If we can see the young lady get married in our lifetime, we will have no regrets in death!”

“Yes!” Old Zhang also sighed with red eyes, “I don’t expect to live to see Miss succeed in her revenge, but if I can live to see her get married, I’ll be able to live my life in peace!”

Sun Zhidong suddenly murmured, “You both are still in good health, but I think I have enough to live for.

Qiu Yingshan said, “Old Sun, don’t be so pessimistic, didn’t Miss say that you still have a chance of survival, and that chance is in Jinling.”

Sun Zhidong nodded and said with a bitter smile, “It’s best if there is a chance of life, but I don’t blame God if there isn’t. In my life, I’ve been born to nine deaths. …”

Old Zhang patted him on the shoulder and said, “Old Sun, don’t be so pessimistic, we are all destined to be blessed if we can meet Miss, it’s all the blessings we have saved in our past lives. The fact that we have met her proves that our luck is better than most people in this world!”

Sun Zhidong sighed lightly and nodded slightly, then remembering something, he said, “Hey, isn’t Ye Chen married?”

Qiu Ying Shan whispered, “What are you afraid of, Miss is from the Ming Dynasty, wasn’t it normal for men to have three wives and four concubines back then? She shouldn’t care.”

Sun Zhidong subconsciously blurted out, “Then our lady would have to be the eldest, otherwise I would not be the first one to refuse! How can we let our lady suffer this?”

Qiu Yingshan agreed, “Old Sun is right! That’s what I mean too!”

After saying this, he elbowed Old Zhang and asked him, “What do you think, Old Zhang?”

Old Zhang was stunned, and remembering something, he hurriedly said, “What the hell do I say? I’m so busy gossiping with you guys that I almost forgot the main thing! Old Qiu, tell all the servants to go back to their rooms and not to come out, the lady wants to see Mr. Ye home personally, it’s not good for the servants to see.”

Qiu Ying Shan said, “Yes, I’ll go and arrange it now!”

Old Zhang nodded and said, “Then I’ll go and prepare a car for Miss!”