Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5744

Seeing that Ye Chen looked like he had a good plan, Lin Wan’er put her mind at ease.

Afterwards, she looked at the time and said, “Sir, it’s almost eight o’clock, I wonder when you plan to go home?”

Ye Chen said, “My father-in-law usually leaves for the Painting and Calligraphy Association at nine o’clock, which is quite close to my home.

Lin Wan’er said, “Sir, how can I let you walk back alone, I’ll drive you home.”

Ye Chen said, “I don’t need to go to such trouble, I can walk alone.”

Lin Wan’er said quietly, “If you leave like this, and you pass by the courtyard below, and the servants see you leaving the courtyard early in the morning, they will not know what to think of you.”

Ye Chen asked awkwardly, “Then how does Miss Lin think it is appropriate?”

Lin Wan’er said, “Your Excellency wait for a moment, and my slave will just make the arrangements.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then it will be hard for Miss Lin to make the arrangements.”

Lin Wan’er smiled happily and hurriedly said, “Wait a moment, my slave will let you know.”

With that, she picked up her mobile phone, made a call and opened her mouth, “Old Zhang, come up here.”

When she hung up the phone, Ye Chen asked curiously, “This old Zhang you called, is he the one you called grandpa back in Northern Europe?”

Lin Wan’er’s pretty face flushed and she said somewhat shyly, “Please forgive me, gongzi, my slave could only falsely claim that old Zhang was my slave’s grandfather at that time, so that gongzi would not suspect ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand unconcernedly and asked curiously, “Actually, he is an orphan you adopted, right?”

“Right.” Lin Wan’er nodded and said, “Last night, my slave told your son that Old Zhang, as well as the other two old people living here, were orphans that my slave adopted many years ago.”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Then would you feel sad in your heart as you watched them turn from babies to old people?”

“No.” Lin Wan’er said blandly, “Everyone has their own destiny, it is the slave’s destiny to live for more than 300 years, and it is also their destiny to meet the slave, plus there is no blood relationship, so they are also naturally able to look at everything lightly.”

Ye Chen nodded gently, but in his heart, he was never able to appreciate what kind of feeling this was.

A few minutes later, an old man arrived outside Lin Wan’er’s courtyard door, knocked gently and said respectfully, “Miss, the old slave is here.”

Lin Wan’er said aloud, “Come in.”

The courtyard door was pushed open by the old man, and he stepped into the room, suddenly seeing Ye Chen sitting on the eunuch’s chair, his expression was instantly shocked.

Although he had no memory of seeing Ye Chen in Northern Europe, he had read Ye Chen’s profile and knew that this was the benefactor that Miss had been looking for, the one who had saved the master and servant in Northern Europe.

After a moment of surprise, Old Zhang hurriedly bowed respectfully and said, “Old slave Zhang Decai, I have met Mr Ye! Thank you, Mr. Ye, for saving my life!”

Seeing such a venerable old man bowing to him, Ye Chen hurriedly got up and said, “You are too kind, old man, that was just a handful, no need to care too much!”


Lin Wan’er spoke up at this time, “Old Zhang is the housekeeper that my slave has been carrying around with her, so you don’t need to be so formal, just treat him as your own subordinate.”

Hearing that Lin Wan’er had asked Ye Chen to treat him as his subordinate, Old Zhang, instead of being half-hearted, asked with some excitement, “Miss …… you …… have told Mr. Ye all about you? ”

Hearing Old Zhang’s question, Lin Wan’er suddenly remembered what happened last night, a pretty face turned pink with shyness, not quite natural, “I have been frank with Mr. Ye, three hundred years of past events, also told Mr. Ye one by one, from now on, in front of Mr. Ye, the few of you also do not need to have any more cover up, understand?”

Old Zhang nodded his head in excitement and said, “Don’t worry, Miss, old slave understands! Old slave understands!”

Saying that, he couldn’t help but look at Ye Chen and said in an excited tone, “Mr. Ye, old slave dares to say that you are the only outsider that Miss has really opened her heart to in over three hundred years ……”

After saying this, Old Zhang realized that he had not worded it quite accurately and hurriedly explained again, “What Old Slave means is that you are the only adult that Miss has opened her heart for so many years, unlike us, we were all raised by Miss and grew up as subordinates by her side, and only when Miss saw that we had a good temperament would she tell us our secrets little by little… …”