Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5743

After Lin Wan’er landed the helicopter on the top floor of the mountain villa’s other courtyard, she said to Ye Chen, “Please follow my slave inside, my slave has prepared a pen and ink for you so that you can mention your words on the portrait of your master.”

  Ye Chen asked curiously, “I’ll lift it?”

  ”Of course.” Lin Wan’er laughed, “Wu Feiyan has seen my slave’s handwriting, in case she recognises that I mentioned the writing, I am afraid she will guess that we are bluffing.”

  Ye Chen asked in confusion, “You haven’t seen each other for hundreds of years, how would she recognise your handwriting?”

  Lin Wan’er pursed her lips and said, “After your son saved my slave last time, my slave deliberately left her a few words before evacuating Northern Europe, so it would be most secure for your son to mention the words ……”

  Ye Chen nodded and said, “Good, then I will mention it.”

  When he entered the study on the ground floor, Lin Wan’er came to the long bookcase and began to sharpen the ink for Ye Chen, who chose a brush that he could use and then wrote down the life of Meng Changsheng’s person in the upper right corner of his portrait.

  After writing, he smiled to himself and said to Lin Wan’er, “My handwriting is a bit ugly, I’m sorry to laugh.”

  Lin Wan’er turned her face sideways, looked at it carefully, and said with a smile, “Your son’s handwriting is already very good, you can see that you have some skills, did you learn it as a child?”

  ”Yes.” Ye Chen nodded, “I learnt calligraphy for a few years when I was a child.”

  Lin Wan’er gave Ye Chen a thumbs up and said in admiration, “You have this kind of skill after learning it for a few years as a child, your son is really gifted!”

  Ye Chen said awkwardly, “Miss Lin, don’t make fun of me, I still know very well how much I have.”

  Lin Wan’er smiled gently and then asked him, “Right, how does your son plan to make this painting come out?”

  Ye Chen smiled, “I will go home later and give this painting to my father-in-law.”

  Lin Wan’er asked, “Your son’s father-in-law can publicize this painting?”

  Ye Chen nodded, “Don’t worry, he will have no problem, he will definitely find a way to make some big noise, I will then arrange for the short video platform to expose it, so that he can make a scenery, I believe it won’t take long for Wu Feiyan to see it.”

  Lin Wan’er asked again, “Your Excellency, if such a sensitive portrait is displayed by the hands of your father-in-law, will it bring unnecessary trouble to your Excellency? If Wu Feiyan followed the line of investigation of your father-in-law down the line, wouldn’t it be easy to trace back to your son?”

  Ye Chen laughed, “After this painting is shown, Wu Feiyan will definitely throw herself at Jinling, and by then, in her mind, she will definitely be completely exposed in the open, while I, as that mysterious person, am in the dark all the time, and she, being in the open, will definitely not dare to send anyone to Jinling again.”

  ”What’s more, everyone has a misconception of preconceived ideas, the smarter and more cunning people are, the more so, if this painting is made public by my father-in-law’s hand, I believe that the first person to rule out suspicion in all of Jinling’s millions of people, Wu Feiyan, is my father-in-law.”

  Saying that, Ye Chen added: “Moreover, I will also make up a story for my father-in-law, I know his character, his ability to add oil and vinegar is unmatched in the universe, when the time comes, that story I made up, through his mouth, will definitely scare Wu Feiyan’s soul away.”