Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5742

In the early morning, Ye Chen changed into his own clothes and asked Hong Wu to take Yun Ruge to the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel to settle in properly.

He, on the other hand, returned to the Purple Mountain Villa where Lin Wan’er lived by helicopter, taking the portrait of Meng Changsheng with him.

Meanwhile, a Boeing 777-200lr took off from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, bound for Australia.

Although this was already the longest-range aircraft in the world, its range had not yet reached 18,000 kilometres, so the captain’s flight plan was to travel to Melbourne, Australia, and refuel in Melbourne before flying to Jinling.

At this time, apart from the crew, there were only four passengers on the entire plane, and these four were Wu Tianlin and the three elders who had just left the retreat.

When the three elders were in seclusion more than a hundred years ago, the Chinese had just cut their braids and only knew that the foreigners had built a plane that could go up into the sky, but they had never been on one.

But now, they were sitting in a palace-like luxurious and huge private plane, easily climbing to a height of 10,000 metres, a feeling that made the three elders feel unsettled for a long time.

Seeing that the three elders had been nervous from the moment the plane’s engine started until now, Wu Tianlin spoke up and said comfortingly, “The three grandfathers don’t need to worry, the current plane, which is the safest means of transportation in the world, is already very mature in technology.”

Wu Po Lin, the leader of the three elders, quietly wiped a handful of cold sweat from his forehead and said, “Tian Lin, this iron guy is flying too high, several thousand feet high, even the clouds are over it, it’s not that I am afraid, the main thing is that if it falls, even if the three of us have a hundred years of cultivation, we will die!”

“That’s right!” Wu Po Wen also could not help but tremble and agree: “Tian Lin ah, you let this thing guy, this thing fly a little lower, 30 to 50 feet height should be fine, we this heart can also be a little more solid ……”

The reason why this plane is safe is partly because it flies high, with a cruising altitude of more than 11,000 meters, which translates into almost 3,000 feet, if something goes wrong, the altitude difference of more than 3,000 feet will give the plane plenty of time to fix and adjust. If it really flew 30 to 50 feet, the plane would have hit the ground before it had time to figure out what was wrong.”

The three of you don’t know that the plane is filled with more than 100 tons of fuel, almost 300,000 pounds, and if it were to fall from a height of 10 feet, even a great immortal would not survive…” …”

“Damn it ……” Wu Po Lin was horrified and said offhand to the other two elders, “We’re flying in a big kerosene barrel!”

Wu Tianlin explained, “The power of aviation fuel is much more powerful than the kerosene back then.”

Wu Pozhong wiped his sweat while muttering, “This is too scary …… If this really blows up, even if we had eight lives, it wouldn’t be enough to burn hundreds of thousands of pounds of kerosene ……”

Wu Tianlin smiled and said, “Grandpa Pozhong don’t worry, the plane is much safer than you think, you three might as well close your eyes and meditate, maybe after one meditation, you three will be in Jinling.”

Wu Po Lin shook his head repeatedly, “How can I possibly enter into meditation when my butt is more than 3,000 feet off the ground ……”

The other two also immediately nodded in agreement.

The first time they flew in an aeroplane, it was overwhelmingly fearful for them, although there were a few novelties.