Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5740

Regarding the poison in Yun Ruge’s body, as well as the formation within her Mud Pill Palace, Ye Chen did not have any very good solutions for a while.

  This also made Ye Chen realise that there was still a very big gap between himself and Wu Feiyan.

  This time, although he had managed to escape by relying on the ring given to him by Lin Wan’er, if Wu Feiyan really sent three experts who were about to open up the Mud Pill Palace to Jinling, then I was afraid that he would have no chance of surviving.

  As for Wu Feiyan, she had already opened her Mud Pill Palace more than a hundred years ago, and her cultivation level was now unfathomable, at least a hundred or even two or three hundred years ahead of his own.

  Thinking of this, Ye Chen could not help but be glad that if he had not saved the mother and son of Old Mrs. Jiang in Mexico by chance, how would he have had the opportunity to obtain the portrait of Old Master Meng?

  If he did not have the portrait of Old Master Meng in his hand, he would have been unable to stop the three elders from coming to Jinling.

  In his heart, Ye Chen vowed that if he could bluff Wu Feiyan this time, he would thank Old Madam Jiang for bringing him this opportunity, and if Old Madam Jiang needed it, he would give her a Spring Return Pill as a thank you.

  After making up his mind, Ye Chen looked at Yun Ruge and said somewhat apologetically, “Sorry Miss Yun, although I can heal your injuries and slowly restore your cultivation, there is really no way to break the poison in your body and the formation inside your Mud Pill Palace for a while, but you don’t have to worry too much, I will definitely try to think of a way.”

  Yun Ru Ge knew that Ye Chen was comforting herself, but she was not disappointed in her heart, after all, her first thought after the explosion was to stay away from Lord Ying and spend the rest of her life, now that her body had recovered greatly and Ye Chen had promised to help her slowly recover her cultivation, this was already far beyond expectations, how could she dare to expect to be able to decipher the poison and the formation.

  So, she said to Ye Chen with great gratitude, “Mr. Ye, there is no need to apologise to me, I am already grateful for your help in healing my wounds, as for the cure for the poison and the formation, I do not dare to hope for it myself, I am already very satisfied if I can live the remaining two years properly!”

  Ye Chen looked at her and said very seriously, “If not, I still have a solution after two years, although I may not be able to break the formation in your body, but I am at least 80% sure that I can cure the poison in your body.”

  When Yun Ruge heard this, a trace of excitement instantly flashed in her eyes.

  And at that moment, Ye Chen turned his words and said very seriously, “However, Little House Yun, this method, although it has an 80% success rate, it may also bring you great pain, and if it fails, this pain will be an undeserved disaster, I wonder if you are willing to take the risk?”

  Yun Ruge said excitedly, “Mr. Ye, let alone having an 80% chance, even if there was only a 10% chance, even if I were to cross the mountain of swords and the sea of fire, I would still be willing to try!”

  Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, “I might as well tell you this method, I have a pill called the Remodeling Pill, as long as a person’s brain is still alive, even if their body has turned into mud, the Remodeling Pill can help them remodel a complete body. At that time, I can chop up all the poisoned areas and put the reshaping pills into your mouth, so that it can help your body to reshape, once the reshaping is complete, I believe these toxins should no longer exist!”

  Hearing this, Yun Ruge asked with surprise and joy, “Mr. Ye, do you really have such a divine medicine?!”

  Ye Chen said blandly, “I can speak to you here unharmed because of taking the Remodeling Pill.”

  Yun Ruge’s eyes widened and she couldn’t hold back her tears of excitement as she knelt on the ground with a poof and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye! If you are willing to help me with this divine pill, I swear that I will follow your lead in this life! Even if you tell me to go and die, I will not say a word!”