Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5738

On the other side.

Ye Chen was still inside the mid-level villa of Champs Elysees, having a long talk with Lin Wan’er and Yun Ruge.

Although he had already decided that he would sing an ‘Empty City Tactic’ to Wu Feiyan, there were still many details of this that needed to be clarified gradually.

Lin Wan’er said to Ye Chen, “Your Excellency’s idea of the Empty City Tactic is simply brilliant, but the only risk is that if the Three Elders come to Jinling and Wu Feiyan has not yet paid attention to the portrait of the Master, how should we respond?”

Ye Chen laughed, “Don’t worry, the hottest short video platform at the moment is the Ye family’s industry, I’ll find a way to send this painting to the Calligraphy and Painting Association this morning, within a few hours, we can naturally arrange for this painting to hit the hotspots, as long as Wu Feiyan is still paying attention to Jinling, she will definitely see it.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “I reckon that if it’s really like what Miss Yun said, Wu Feiyan will 100% definitely send the three elders, then I reckon these three elders are already about to set off.”

Lin Wan’er nodded and said, “Coming to China from the edge of Antarctica is a long distance, and it is impossible for their island to take off and land an ultra-long-range airliner, so they must have to head to Argentina first, and are probably on their way to Argentina right now.”

Ye Chen looked at the time and laughed, “If they are efficient, they will probably have taken off to come to China by the time we are here at seven or eight o’clock in the morning.”

Saying that, Ye Chen gave a slight beat and added: “After they get on the plane to China, I will make Meng Laozu’s painting public, by then I guess Wu Feiyan will soon summon them back urgently, and by then these three people’s mindset will probably collapse.”

Lin Wan’er nodded slightly and said with a smile, “The three of them have been in seclusion for a hundred years, seeing that they are about to succeed, when they are suddenly called out by Wu Feiyan to carry out their mission, they will definitely have opinions in their hearts, even if they are the Wu family’s own people, this is human nature.”

Ye Chen and Yun Ruge both strongly agreed with Lin Wan’er’s view.

Yun Ruge sighed, “There are opinions for sure, after all, persisting for a hundred years, just a foot away from the door, and suddenly interrupting it, I don’t know how long it will take.”

Ye Chen laughed, “The point is, if there is really an urgent mission, they are duty-bound to go out of the gate, but everyone tosses and turns and before they reach Jinling, they are called back immediately afterwards, this feels like going out to walk the dog and dragging it back before they reach downstairs, the dog will not be satisfied in its heart either.”

Lin Wan’er smiled and asked, “So what is your son’s plan now? What would be the appropriate way to give this painting to that calligraphy and painting exhibition?”

Ye Chen replied, “My father-in-law is the executive vice-president of the calligraphy and painting association, and recently they are all looking around for exhibits where they can give this painting to him.”

Lin Wan’er said with some concern, “Your son’s identity is sensitive, Wu Feiyan had been trying to find your son’s whereabouts, if you give the painting to your father-in-law, in case Wu Feiyan sends someone to investigate, they might be able to find out your son’s identity information, wouldn’t that be exposed?”

Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile, “Definitely we have to choose a clever way to give this painting to my father-in-law.”

Saying that, he thought of an idea and spoke, “I have an idea, I will do this matter later.”

After speaking, he looked at Yun Ru Ge and spoke, “Miss Yun, the formation that Wu Fei Yan left inside your Mud Pill Palace requires a special mantra of the heart to activate, right?”

Yun Ru Ge nodded and said, “That’s correct.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Then have you used your spiritual qi to investigate the mysteries?”

Yun Ru Ge said, “I have checked, but the Mud Pill Palace is normally closed, so our spiritual qi cannot enter at all.”