Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5734

  Lin Wan’er snorted, “What’s the use of being afraid when what’s coming is always coming.”

After saying that, she pulled her thoughts back to the painting in front of her and suddenly thought about Ye Chen’s intentions.

She then instantly widened her eyes and asked Ye Chen with unbridled joy, “Gongzi Mo …… Mozi is trying to get Shigong to sing this ‘Empty City Tactic’ for Gongzi?”

Yun Ru Ge at the side was amazed at what she heard and hadn’t figured out the key.

And when Ye Chen saw that Lin Wan’er was really smart and clever and could see right through it, he couldn’t help but say with some excitement, “Miss Lin guessed right! I just want to work hard for Old Ancestor Meng to sing this ‘Empty City Tactic’ for me!”

Yun Ru Ge felt that her mind was no longer able to keep up with the two of them and asked anxiously, “Mr. Ye, what exactly do you and Miss Lin mean by that? Hasn’t Elder Meng passed away several hundred years ago? How come you let him sing for you?”

Ye Chen looked at Meng Changsheng in the painting and asked Yun Ruge, “Miss Yun, in your opinion, why did Wu Feiyan send the three elders to Jinling?”

Yun Ru Ge thought about it and replied, “Uncle Changsheng blew himself up, my life and death are still unknown, and the An family members are unharmed, Wu Fei Yan is not sure who the enemy is, secondly, how many enemies there are, thirdly, how strong the enemy is, and fourthly, whether the enemy is dead or not, these are all things she wants to find out based on that, other than that, she definitely wants to continue to go after the An family members. ”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Miss Yun is right, these, all of these are what Wu Feiyan needs right now with a hundred thousand fires.”

Saying that, Ye Chen pointed at the Old Ancestor Meng in the painting and opened his mouth to ask her, “Miss Yun thinks that there are a few people in this world who can recognize the person in this painting as Old Ancestor Meng?”

Yun Ru Ge’s pupils snapped shut and she exclaimed, “Apart from us, I’m afraid that …… is the only one who can do so, Wu Fei Yan!”

Yun Ru Ge didn’t know the past of Jiang’s family, she only knew that Meng Changsheng had passed away many years ago, and the only person who knew him and could live up to now was Wu Fei Yan.

Ye Chen also did not extend the topic, so he followed Yun Ruge’s words and nodded, “Since this Meng old ancestor, nowadays, besides us, only Wu Feiyan still knows, then if this painting suddenly comes out tomorrow in Jinling, once Wu Feiyan sees it, what will she think in her heart?”

Yun Ru Ge said in horror, “Then she …… then I’m afraid she’ll be shocked to the point of five thunderstorms! In her opinion, in this world, the only person who has seen Old Man Meng and is still alive should be her, and if Old Man Meng’s portrait suddenly appears in Jinling, when she does, won’t she have to fly over non-stop by then?!”

Lin Wan’er said with a light smile, “Miss Yun is overly concerned, if this painting suddenly appeared in Jinling, Wu Feiyan would never dare to come.”

Yun Ru Ge asked in confusion, “Why? This is her master’s portrait, after hundreds of years, his face has reappeared in the world, doesn’t she want to find out who has brought out this painting?”

Lin Wan’er laughed, “Of course she wants to, and I’m afraid she’s still scratching her heart out, but then again, the more she wants to find out about this, the more she won’t dare to come to Jinling either!”

After saying this, Lin Wan’er looked at Ye Chen and said with admiration, “You really have great wisdom, this ‘Empty City Scheme’, my slave really sighs at myself, once this painting is released in Jinling tomorrow, I am afraid it will scare Wu Feiyan to the point of splitting her liver and guts!”

Ye Chen nodded, smiled badly at the doctor, and said, “What a coincidence, Jinling happens to be holding a painting and calligraphy exhibition, and is now collecting outstanding works of calligraphy and painting nationwide, and the calligraphy and painting association and the local area, have recently been building momentum in the major media for this calligraphy and painting exhibition:”

“Although this painting does not leave any name of the author, the painting is outstanding and the mood is also very extraordinary, from an artistic point of view, it is definitely not inferior to those well-known painters in Chinese history, so as soon as this painting is taken out, it will definitely cause a considerable shock in the painting and calligraphy circle;”