Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5733

“An empty city?!”

Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Lin Wan’er and Yun Ru Ge, both looked puzzled.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, when Zhuge Liang was under siege by Sima Yi’s army of 150,000, he knew that he could not defend the city with a few thousand soldiers, so he simply opened the city gates wide and sat on top of the city tower, playing the zither while waiting for Sima Yi’s army, when Sima Yi’s troops were under the city, he saw Zhuge Liang smiling and playing the zither on the city tower, so he expected that there must be a fraud in the city, so he led his army He retreated.

However, they could not understand how Ye Chen could sing this “Empty City Tactic” to Wu Feiyan, did they want Ye Chen to play it calmly on the city tower like Zhuge Liang?

Yun Ruge was the first to advise him, “Mr. Ye, the Empty City Strategy works because Zhuge Liang has made Sima Yi fearful, but to be honest, if you reveal your identity, no matter if there is any fraud in Jinling, Wu Feiyan will definitely send those three elders to test you out. It will only force her to fight you to the death ah ……”

Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but advise, “Yes, sir, my slave also thinks that what Uncle Ding Yuan said is reasonable, at this time, the possibility of you trying to scare off Wu Feiyan is almost zero, my slave advises you not to take the risk ……”

When Ye Chen saw that both of them were advising him not to take any risks, he laughed out loud instead and said with a lofty expression, “You two should not doubt my intelligence, I am not stupid enough to take the initiative to expose myself to Wu Feiyan.”

When the two men saw Ye Chen laughing with great confidence, they were even more puzzled.

Lin Wan’er guessed that Ye Chen was so confident that he must have a foolproof plan, so she asked, “I wonder what wonderful tricks you have, why don’t you tell us so that Uncle Ding Yuan and I can also learn some.”

Ye Chen laughed, “Both of you have much richer life experiences than me, so it is not possible to learn from me.

As he said that, Ye Chen stood up and said, “Wait a moment, I will take something to show you.”

The two women could only suppress the doubts in their hearts as they watched Ye Chen get up and take out a painting scroll from the safe.

Lin Wan’er had already guessed something and couldn’t help but ask, “This scroll in your son’s hand, could it be that portrait of the Master Gong?!”

Ye Chen nodded and brought the painting in front of the two of them, spreading it out on the middle coffee table, and a pair of superb paintings leapt out onto the paper.

Lin Wan’er looked at the old man in the painting with the immortal style and crane bones, and could not help but marvel with a face full of reverence, “So this is the true appearance of his old master ……, just as father said, with his extraordinary aura and immortal style!”

Yun Ru Ge, who was on the side, asked in surprise, “Is this …… the Master that Wu Feiyan often talks about, Meng Changsheng?!”

Lin Wan’er exclaimed, “Wu Feiyan talked to Uncle Ding Yuan about Master Gong?”

Yun Ru Ge said in shame, “Miss Lin should not call me Uncle Ding Yuan, that is only a fancy name given to me by Wu Feiyan, to be honest, I have never liked this title …… Moreover, I have now abandoned the darkness and turned to the light, moreover, I do not want to have any more involvement with these three words ……”

Lin Wan’er nodded with a smile and said, “In that case, then I will call you Miss Yun from now on.”

Yun Ru Ge gratefully arched her hand towards Lin Wan Er before she continued, “Wu Fei Yan often mentioned Senior Meng in front of the four of us, and her past events when she came under Senior Meng’s tutelage, she actually said this in order to paint a pie for us, to let us know that the path of monasticism can lead to a thousand years of longevity, so that we would follow her with more devotion.”

Lin Wan’er nodded and sighed, “If we don’t get the Hundred Revolutions and Thousand Returns Pill, Wu Feiyan will only be able to live for another hundred years at most, so I guess she’s already getting anxious now.”

Yun Ruge smiled and said approvingly, “What Miss Lin said is very true, these last two years, Wu Feiyan is obviously more anxious than before, in the past decades, Wu Feiyan never worried about aging, after all, her appearance has not changed a bit for hundreds of years, but in these last two years, she has surprisingly started to pay attention to skin care, sometimes when she passes in front of her, she can clearly smell the smell of skin care products, I think She is also afraid of aging herself.”