Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5729

Ye Chen’s words made Yun Ru Ge’s entire body lift.

When the explosion occurred, she had expected Ye Chen’s death to be certain with that glance she had exchanged with him.

But now, Ye Chen had changed his clothes and was standing in front of herself unharmed, and with a single punch of the astral wind, he was able to hold his body steady.

This strength was more than one realm stronger than himself.

Although in her opinion, Ye Chen’s strength was definitely still a far cry from that of the Ying Lord, the point was, Ye Chen was only twenty-eight years old this year! Whereas, Ying Lord Wu Feiyan was already four hundred years old!

If this trend continued, Ye Chen would soon be able to catch up!

Thinking about this, she could not help but feel a little regret in her heart, because in her opinion, she still had more than two years to live, and I was afraid that it would be a fool’s dream to witness Ye Chen’s strength crushing Wu Feiyan in such a short period of time.

Ye Chen didn’t know that Yun Ruge’s mind was currently filled with thoughts.

Together with Lin Wan’er, he brought the injured Yun Ruge to the helicopter.

The light helicopter only had two seats, so Ye Chen was not 100% sure about Yun Ruge, so he let Lin Wan’er return to the villa by herself, and asked Hong Wu to bring another helicopter over, and personally took Yun Ruge back to the Mid-levels villa in the other helicopter.

At this point, with less than half an hour left before dawn, Ye Chen instructed Hong Wu to keep the entire Champs-Elysées under guard, and then led Yun Ruge into the villa with him.

Lin Wan’er was already waiting inside the villa. Ye Chen led the two of them to the basement and arranged a single sofa for Yun Ruge, who was injured, before sitting opposite her with Lin Wan’er.

After sitting down, Ye Chen asked her, “Yun Ruge, why did you come to Jinling?”

Yun Ruge said truthfully, “Back to Mr. Ye, I was originally ordered to search for Miss Lin’s whereabouts in the Far East, it was a few days ago that Wu Feiyan ordered me to come to Jinling to secretly spy on Uncle Changsheng, so I rushed over here overnight.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Why did Wu Feiyan ask you to spy on Uncle Changsheng secretly?”

Yun Ru Ge said, “She suspected that Chang Sheng Bo had deviant intentions because she knew that Chang Sheng Bo had obtained at least two magic weapons, but Chang Sheng Bo only told her that he had obtained one.”

Saying that, Yun Ru Ge added, “She said that she found that Chang Sheng Bo’s movement track went to the mountain right after he came out of the antique street, and she also followed the internet information of Jinling and saw that there was a very strong thunderstorm in Jinling that day in the mountain where Chang Sheng Bo went, and the Jinling meteorological department even issued a warning, she suspected that it was related to the magic weapon that Chang Sheng Bo got, but Chang Sheng Bo only told she had gotten a trigger finger;”

“My guess is that it was when Uncle Changsheng was using the magic weapon you sold him, Mr Ye, that Wu Feiyan learned of it, and he deliberately concealed it, which is why he made Wu Feiyan suspicious.”

Ye Chen frowned: “This Wu Feiyan has really kept up with the times, not only has she mastered your movement trajectory, but she also knows how to use the internet to check three-way information to aid in judging ……”

Yun Ru Ge nodded and said, “Wu Fei Yan has always been up to date, not only does she have her own satellite communication system, she has also developed encrypted communication software, in order to keep outsiders from knowing her identity and gender, she also uses a voice changer to confuse people when she uses communication software, as far as I know, she often uses the internet and has an eye on all the major internet platforms. ”

Ye Chen nodded and asked again, “Then what did Wu Feiyan use to obtain the trajectory of your movements?”

Yun Ru Ge took out her completely destroyed mobile phone and spoke, “This is a mobile phone developed by the Broken Qing Society specifically for us, which has a real-time positioning function and uploads our location coordinates to the server in real time.”

Ye Chen smiled in awe and said, “Then Wu Feiyan must have had a very torturous night, because not long after Xu Changqing had just arrived at Wan Liu Villa, the signal there was all blocked by me, and the two Earls lost their whereabouts at the same time, so she must not have been able to sleep.”