Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5721

When Lin Wan’er took off again in that light helicopter and Ye Chen took the opportunity to take the Reshaping Pill, ten thousand miles away at the headquarters of the Broken Qing Society, Wu Feiyan was pacing anxiously around the room.

She was already four hundred years old this year, but she looked, well, just in her thirties. Although she was charming and heroic, her ruthless character was almost written on her face at the moment due to her excessive agitation, which was intimidating.

The last time Wu Feiyan had felt such restlessness was when she was chased by the Qing army into the Hundred Thousand Mountains for the first time, together with Lin Chiru.

All these years, although she had never found Lin Wan’er, it was after all a cat and mouse game that had lasted for three hundred years and she had always played that cat role, so not being able to find Lin Wan’er did not make her so anxious.

The source of her anxiety at the moment was that the two Counts under her command had been on the monitor and missing for over an hour.

She had absolutely no idea what the two had been through.

At the moment, Wu Feiyan’s greatest worry was that something bad had happened to her two Counts.

The death of Uncle Jian Gong and the destruction of the entire Cypriot Death Warriors’ quarters had already caused a great deal of panic in the Qing Breaking Society, and if something bad happened to these two Counts as well, the Qing Breaking Society would definitely be thrown into a huge turmoil that had not been seen in over 300 years!

Just as she was in great anxiety, a knock sounded on the door and an old man’s respectful voice came from outside the door, “Lord Ying, my servant Wu Tianlin requests to see you!”

Wu Feiyan said coldly, “Come in!”

After saying this, she waved her right hand in the air, and the heavy iron door opened automatically.

An old man dressed in a long robe walked quickly to the front, this man was Wu Tianlin.

He was the eldest son of the Wu family and had been brought up by Wu Feiyan since he was a child. He was highly valued by Wu Feiyan and was her greatest confidant, as well as the wise advisor of the entire Qing Breaking Association.

As soon as he entered the room, Wu Tianlin said respectfully, “Back to Lord Ying, my subordinate has received some wind …… from Jinling.”

Impatient, Wu Feiyan bellowed coldly, “Speak quickly!”

Wu Tianlin said, “My subordinates had people search the local network and short video accounts in Jinling and found some information, tonight, there was a constant thunderclap near the Wanliu Villa where the An family lives, moreover, just near there, there was also an extremely strong loud noise, the loud noise could even be heard clearly throughout Jinling… …”

Wu Feiyan’s expression was astonished, and she asked in some alarm, “A loud noise? What kind of loud noise? Was it an explosive thunderclap like last time, or was it a blast like a bomb explosion?!”

Wu Tianlin said, “Back to Lord Ying, it was the sound of an explosion!”

Wu Feiyan frowned: “If it was really an explosion, maybe Chang Shengbo has already sacrificed his life to my Broken Qing Association ……”

Wu Tianlin exclaimed, “Ying Lord …… what kind of enemy could be so powerful that it would make Chang Sheng Bo martyred?!”

Wu Tianlin has followed Wu Feiyan since he was a child to try to enter the Dao, and although his talent is not too good, he has barely entered the door of monasticism, plus he himself is Wu Feiyan’s beloved, so he is well aware of what Wu Feiyan has done within the mud palace of the four earls.

Wu Feiyan was also a bit worried at this time and said to herself, “Uncle Changsheng’s strength is already very good, and with the magic weapon I gave him, it is like a tiger with wings. If he really explodes, the person who forced him to explode must be much stronger than him ……”