Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5720

  The first thing you need to do is to take out another Spring Return Pill and put it into her hand again, saying, “This is a Spring Return Pill, if an ordinary person takes it, it can cure a hundred diseases, if a person who is not sick takes it, it can prolong his life for twenty years, it is more effective than the Scattered Blood Heart Saving Pill, if you take it, although it does not have the effect of prolonging your life, all injuries and diseases can be cured. If even the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill doesn’t work anymore, take it!”

  Lin Wan’er looked at the two pills in her hand, for a moment did not know what to do, some at a loss, said: “Sir …… this …… this is too expensive …… “

  Ye Chen ignored her and shoved another reshaping pill into her hand, admonishing, “This pill is even more powerful, it is a reshaping pill, even if a person’s body is beaten to a pulp, as long as the brain is not dead through, this pill can make his body reshape, I hope you will never use it, but you still have to take it, because it is a token of my appreciation. “

  Lin Wan’er did not expect that Ye Chen would even give himself such a heaven-defying elixir, and for a moment she was even more at a loss as to what to do.

  At this time, Ye Chen took out another Peiyuan Dan, hesitated for a moment, but still shoved it into her hand and said very seriously, “This, is a Peiyuan Dan, to replenish your spiritual energy, I guess you won’t need it, but to show my gratitude for saving your life, you should still take it together!”

  Lin Wan’er cried and laughed: “Gongzi …… you have said that your slave can’t use it, is it not a waste to give it back to your slave ……”

  Ye Chen said in a serious manner, “No! Not a waste! You have to know that you saved my life, this is a piece of my heart!”

  After a pause, Ye Chen added, “You have lived for three or four hundred years, you have eaten and seen everything, you are certainly not short of money and things, what I can give you as a token of my feelings is just these pills;”

  ”Back in Northern Europe, you gave me that ring and I accepted it, so today I am giving you these four pills, you must take them all and say nothing to refuse them!”

  Lin Wan’er saw Ye Chen’s sincere words, plus when Ye Chen stuffed the elixir to her, he subconsciously held her hand again, while shy, she couldn’t help but be a little touched.

  So, she subconsciously said, “Then, my slave will keep these pills for now, and save them in case your son is …… next time.”

  At this point, she suddenly felt that something was not quite right, and quickly shook her head and said, “No, no, no, my slave has said the wrong thing, please don’t mind.”

  Ye Chen suddenly realized, and hurriedly said, “No, no, no, I don’t mind, it’s you who reminded me.”

  As he said that, he turned around and took another copy of each of the four pills and shoved them into Lin Wan’er’s other hand. The two of them clasped their four hands together, and Ye Chen, like a drunken man admonishing his good brother, solemnly and seriously admonished Lin Wan’er, “Take this one, too, as my temporary deposit with you. Before it recognizes me as its master, in case I am unlucky and in danger one day, I might still be sent there by this ring to trouble you, and these pills are in your place, so I can prepare myself for an emergency ……”

  The moment Lin Wan’er thought of the process when Ye Chen was sent to the hot spring pool by the ring, her pretty face couldn’t help but redden to the root behind her ears again, although her heart was unbearably ashamed, she also knew that Ye Chen’s concern was actually not empty, as long as he still wore that ring, then once he was in danger again, then he would definitely be sent to himself by the ring as well.

  Thinking of this, she nodded vigorously and spoke, “Don’t worry, my servant will definitely take good care of these pills!”

  Saying that, she hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Since you have so many spiritual pills, it would be better for you to take the pills to heal your wounds first!”

  Ye Chen said, “It’s too late to take the medicine here, I may not be able to do anything during those ten minutes when the effects of the Remodeling Pill are released, that Uncle Ding Yuan is now in uncertainty about her life and death, I really don’t feel at ease if I don’t hurry to find her out.”

  Saying that, Ye Chen then said, “In this way, I will take the pill with me, Miss Lin will suffer and then help me get on the helicopter, once I get on the helicopter I will take the pill, Miss Lin will fly to the place of the incident at the same time, by the time I get to the place, I should be able to recover almost.”

  Without thinking, Lin Wan’er said, “Good, my slave will help you out!”