Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5718

As Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er flew together towards Champs-Elysees, a relieved Li Yalin, Chen Zekai and Hong Wu stopped their search and returned to Champs-Elysees first.

  Knowing that the An family was worried about Ye Chen’s safety, Li Yalin rushed back to the villa as soon as he got off the plane.

  At this moment, the An family members were all sadly guarding the living room, expecting Li Yalin to bring back good news.

  After all, to the An family, Ye Chen was already of great significance and had tugged at the An family for twenty years, not to mention that Ye Chen’s other identity turned out to be the benefactor who had once saved the entire An family, which made Ye Chen transcend everything else to the An family now.

  Seeing Li Yalin walk in quickly, the An family instantly stood up en masse, each looking at him with anticipation, the old lady had subconsciously walked towards him, muttering a question under her breath, “Yalin, have you found the whereabouts of Chen’er?!”

  Li Yalin smiled and said, “Auntie, we have found Mr. Ye’s whereabouts, he’s not seriously hurt, and said to let you all rest assured that he will come over to meet you when he’s done with the matter at hand.”

  The old lady was instantly relieved and couldn’t help but shed two lines of tears out of excitement.

  The other members of the An family also cheered with excitement at this moment, and even An Qishan, who had never been very good at expressing his emotions, could not help but smile and shed tears.

  Ye Chen’s safety was their greatest wish at this moment.

  The old lady couldn’t help but ask again, “Why isn’t Chen’s son coming over now? Is he injured?”

  Li Yalin shook his head, “I’m not quite sure what the exact situation is, when we arrived at the place of the incident, Mr Ye was not there, we searched for a long time but could not find Mr Ye’s whereabouts, finally Mr Ye called Mr Hong and only then did we know that his life was not in danger.”

  Only then did the old lady really put her mind at ease: “Since it was Chen’er who made the call, that proves that his life is indeed not in danger ……”

  Saying that, she not only choked up, “It’s us who have wronged Chen’er and Chen’er’s parents, Chen’er obviously hates us, but he still saved us from the fire twice, I can understand that he doesn’t want to see us for the time being.”

  Li Yalin was busy saying, “Auntie, Mr. Ye is actually still very concerned about you guys, he just said he hates you guys, but he was actually just distracting the killer.”

  The old man, An Qishan, sighed, “It’s only right that Chen’er hates us, it was indeed my fault back then.”

  Li Yalin said seriously, “Uncle An, Mr. Ye may indeed still have a grudge against you, but when you were critically ill, it was Mr. Ye who had Miss Gu send you a life-saving elixir, which proves that he, as a grandson, still cares for you even if he grudges you in his heart, grudges are grudges, but they do not rise to the level of hate, in his eyes, you are still his family. “

  The old man exclaimed, “Are you telling the truth? The elixir that my daughter gave me was given by Chen’er?!”

  Li Yalin said seriously, “Let me tell you this Uncle An, whenever a truly effective elixir like this appears, it must basically be the handiwork of Mr. Ye, no matter who sent this elixir to you, this elixir must have come from Mr. Ye.”

  As soon as the old man heard this, he became excited, “You’re right …… you’re right! It seems that, in his heart, Chen’er should still have me as his grandfather ……”

  The rest of the An family could not help but smile as if they were relieved.

  Only An Chongqiu had an odd expression.

  An Youyou, who was at the side, could see the difference and asked curiously, “Big brother, what’s wrong with you?”

  An Chongqiu laughed, “I just realized that it was Chen’er who kicked me out at the Spring Return Pill auction. ……”

  The old man laughed, “You deserved to be kicked out, Chen’er had said that the pills could only be taken on the spot and not taken away, and you challenged his rules, so wasn’t it only natural to kick you out?”

  An Chongqiu said in a depressed voice, “Dad, who am I challenging Chen’er’s rules for?”

  On the side, An Kaifeng patted An Chongqiu’s shoulder and laughed, “Come on, big brother, although you were kicked out of the auction by Chen’er, our family still has to be grateful to you for being kicked out that time, if it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid our An family wouldn’t have entered into Chen’er’s sight so early, this is a good thing, the whole family has benefited from you!”