Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5716

The moment he heard Ye Chen’s voice, Hong Wu was in a bit of a trance for a moment.

His mind didn’t come back immediately, he just looked up at the sky in a daze and muttered, “My day …… I shouldn’t be dreaming, right? Is God really so spiritual?”

Ye Chen asked at the other end of the phone, “Hong Wu what are you muttering to yourself there?!”

When asked by Ye Chen, Hong Wu then came back to his senses and asked in shock: “Master Ye ……? Is it really you?! Or am I hallucinating something?!”

As soon as Hong Wu said this, everyone around him exploded!

Everyone was questioning him, questioning whether his call was really from Ye Chen.

And once again, Ye Chen asked Hong Wu, “Can’t you even hear my voice?”

Only then did Hong Wu ascertain that the person talking to him on the other end of the phone was really Ye Chen.

In an instant, Hong Wu wept with joy as he cried and asked, “Where are you, Master Ye? We’ve been searching the valley for almost an hour now, but we haven’t found your whereabouts, it’s killing us ……”

Ye Chen asked him, “You guys? Who are you with?”

Hong Wu was busy saying, “I’m with Old Chen, Detective Li, and the He family that Miss Ruo Li brought with her.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Is there no one else?”

“No.” Hong Wu was busy saying, “The others knew too much and were not too controllable, so they did not inform too many people.”

“Good.” Ye Chen sighed in admiration, “You did a good job, Hong Wu.”

Hong Wu couldn’t care less about his pride and hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, where exactly are you?”

Ye Chen coughed twice, “Cough …… I can’t explain this to you for a while, but don’t worry guys, I’m fine for now.”

Hong Wu wiped his tears while saying incomparably thankful, “That’s good, that’s good! It doesn’t matter if I die, as long as you, Master Ye, are alright!”

Ye Chen was confused and was about to speak when he heard Li Yalin’s voice on the other end of the phone again, “Mr. Ye, are you alright?!”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Thank you Inspector Li for your concern, I’m fine for the moment, by the way, how are my grandmother and the others?”

Li Yalin said, “Don’t worry, they are all at Serenity Villa, they are safe at the moment, but they are all very worried about you.”

“Good.” Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief, then spoke, “Detective Li will go back later and help me stabilise them, tell him that I am fine, let them rest at Serenity Villa first, when it is convenient, I will pay a visit.”

Li Yalin agreed and said, “Okay Mr. Ye, I will convey this on your behalf.”

Saying that, Li Yalin asked, “By the way, Mr. Ye, where are you now? Is there anything we can help you with?” You

Ye Chen instructed, “Inspector Li, turn on the mobile phone speaker, I need your help with something.”

Li Yalin hurriedly turned the speaker on and said respectfully, “Master Ye, you speak, everyone is listening!”

Ye Chen gave a hint and instructed, “Inspector Li, you go back later to pacify my grandparents, and also pay attention, if you hear helicopter noises nearby later, tell them to stay in the villa and not go out; also, tell Ruo Li to take He’s family back to the hot spring hotel first, and don’t tell anyone about today’s incident; and Old Chen, you keep an eye on the perimeter of my villa with Hong Wu. Don’t let anyone come near.”

Without thinking, Chen Zekai said, “Yes, Young Master, I’ll make the arrangements.”


Ye Chen hung up the phone, handed the phone back to Lin Wan’er, and opened his mouth to ask: “I just said to ask them to pick me up in a helicopter, but you insisted that there was no need, I can hardly walk now, how are we going to get to Villa Champs-Elysees?”

Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “Gongzi if you ask them to pick you up, how should you explain to them that you would suddenly appear in the middle of the night in the boudoir of a young freshman girl tens of kilometres away? And ……”

Said Lin Wan’er, somewhat shamefacedly, “Moreover, Your Excellency is still undressed, in case word gets out, it doesn’t matter to my slave, but how will Your Excellency explain to Your Highness? Besides, Old Zhang and the others live down there, and if a helicopter flies in at night and comes over with a few males to the slave’s boudoir and takes away another naked male, how will they look at the slave?”