Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5714

“A woman?”

Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Lin Wan’er exclaimed, “Does your son still remember what that woman looked like?”

Ye Chen frowned, recalling that hurried glance at that time, and spoke, “It felt like that person’s face looked to be in her thirties, and her looks, seemed to be not bad.”

Lin Wan’er nodded gently, “That should be one of the four earls of the Broken Clear Society, Ding Yuan Bo!”

Ye Chen asked in surprise, “You know the Four Great Counts?

“My slave knows some.” Lin Wan’er spoke, “Although only Wu Feiyan has survived to this day, there are still some descendants of my father’s ministry within, they can only serve Wu Feiyan for generations because of the special poison Wu Feiyan configured, but they also know that I am still alive and have been trying every possible way to inform me, so I still have some understanding of the situation within the Broken Qing Society, more or less ……”

“Although in name, apart from Wu Feiyan, the Four Counts have the highest status, in reality, the financial, human and material resources of the Qing Breaking Society are all in the hands of the Five Armies Governorate, which, without exception, are all members of the Wu family, that is, the descendants of Wu Feiyan’s original family… …”

“Wu Feiyan was so powerful and could live forever, plus he acted in a ruthless style, so over the years, he had long accumulated what could be called a sky-high amount of wealth, which was basically managed by the Wu family on their behalf, and the Wu family was thus loyal to Wu Feiyan;”

Lin Wan’er continued, “As for the four Counts of the Qing Breaking Association, they are Uncle Chang Sheng, Uncle Jian Gong, Uncle Ding Yuan and Uncle Zhong Yong, among them, Uncle Chang Sheng is the strongest, while Uncle Ding Yuan is the only woman, probably the one you saw before Uncle Chang Sheng blew himself up! Uncle Jian Gong had already been killed by the Duke’s subordinates, and Uncle Changsheng was forced by the Duke to explode himself today, so if Uncle Ding Yuan was also seriously injured, three of the four Counts of the Qing Breaking Association would have been lost in the hands of the Duke!”

Ye Chen said, “I don’t know if that Uncle Ding Yuan is still alive, if he’s dead it’s fine, if he’s still alive, he might find a chance to inform Wu Fei Yan!”

After saying that, Ye Chen struggled to get up, but he still felt that his body could not exert any energy.

Lin Wan’er pressed his shoulders and said, “Don’t worry, Uncle Changsheng’s self-explosion was so powerful, whether Uncle Ding Yuan is still alive or not is unknown. ”

Ye Chen said with a solemn expression, “We still can’t take it lightly, no matter whether she is dead or alive, we must find her as soon as possible!”

After saying that, he looked towards Lin Wan’er and spoke, “Miss Lin, please lend me your mobile phone for a while.”


At this moment.

The valley a few kilometres away from Wanliu Mountain Resort.

Hong Wu, Chen Zekai, Li Yalin, and the He family, including Su Ruoli, had already searched the entire valley.

After searching for so long and not finding Ye Chen’s whereabouts, all of them became more and more anxious in their hearts, and they all even had a bad premonition deep down in their hearts as well.

After all, the power of that explosion was indeed too great, and the figure in the centre was obviously the human remains after the explosion. With such a strong explosion, it would definitely be difficult to survive if there were other people around.

Although they all knew that Ye Chen’s strength was very strong, but in the face of such a powerful explosion, everyone was not sure if Ye Chen could survive this explosion.

Contrary to the increasingly desperate and heavy hearts of the others, Li Yalin felt more and more hopeful after repeatedly searching in vain.

At this point, Su Ruoli had already had a bit of an emotional breakdown, and she suddenly sat down on the ground and let out a loud cry, immediately attracting the attention of the others.

The crowd rushed forward to calm Su Ruoli, and although Hong Wu was also in a heavy mood, he took the lead and said, “Miss Su, don’t worry so much first, maybe Master Ye will have his lucky day!”