Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5713

  For more than three hundred years, she had never been happy to celebrate the fact that she had attained longevity; on the contrary, she had long been tired of this life of hiding in the east.

In the past three hundred years, she had thought of ending her life countless times, but when she thought of her father using his own life to gain her longevity, she had to put off the thought of suicide.

After all, she knew in her heart that her father’s greatest wish, before he died, was for her to keep on living.

He wanted his precious daughter to live a hundred years, and even a hundred years was not enough, five hundred would be best.

His own life, on the other hand, was forever fixed at forty-one.

It was because of this that Lin Wan’er clenched her teeth countless times when she was on the verge of collapse and persevered.

However, her heart had already suffered the torture and destruction of long life.

Ye Chen did feel sorry for the little girl in front of him, even if she really was almost four hundred years old.

At this moment, Lin Wan’er let out a long sigh and choked with red eyes, “My slave thanks you for your pity ……”

After saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “My slave has investigated your past and knows that you also have a deep hatred with the Broken Qing Society. If you are willing, from today onwards, my slave is willing to do my utmost to help you kill Wu Feiyan. … “.

Ye Chen nodded gently and said firmly, “Miss Lin don’t worry, Broken Qing will kill my parents and repeatedly tried to kill my grandparents’ whole family, this revenge I will make Wu Feiyan pay in blood!”

After speaking, Ye Chen said with a bit of frustration, “Only, this Wu Feiyan must be very powerful, not to mention that Xu Changqing cursed Lord Ying for his ruthlessness when he blew himself up, I think the powerful energy he blew himself up with was a means left behind by Lord Ying. her, I’m not sure yet ……”

Lin Wan’er said comfortingly, “There is no need to be frustrated, although Wu Feiyan has lived more than three hundred years longer than you, she definitely does not have such a chance as you;”

“What’s more, in order to find your son’s whereabouts, my slave once told a trigram, your son’s trigram is a dragon entering the sea, so looking at it this way, your son must be a dragon’s fate, this is something that Wu Feiyan can’t catch up with even if she lives for a thousand years more;”

“So, even if Gongzi is not a match for Wu Feiyan now, given time, Gongzi will definitely be able to surpass her!”

Ye Chen sighed, “Then I don’t know how many years later it will be ……”

Lin Wan’er looked at Ye Chen and said solemnly, “No matter how many years it takes, my slave believes that Gongzi will be able to defeat his enemy handily, and my slave’s only wish is to be able to see that day with my own eyes in my lifetime!”

Ye Chen raised his right hand with some strain, examined the ring on his finger and smiled to himself, “If Wu Feiyan doesn’t get this ring, then she only has a hundred years left to live, and in those hundred years, if I can’t kill her, she’ll die of old age ……”

Lin Wan’er laughed, “You don’t need to feel too much pressure, if Wu Feiyan dies of old age it is not unacceptable, after all, whoever lives longer is the real winner.”

Ye Chen shook his head and said with a torch-like gaze, “No! If I let Wu Feiyan die of old age naturally, it would be too cheap for her! I must kill her with my own hands!”

As he said that, he suddenly remembered something and blurted out, “Right, when Xu Changqing blew herself up just now, I had seen a woman hiding nearby, that woman had been hiding her whereabouts before, but her aura was revealed at the last moment, she had a spiritual aura on her body, she should also be a cultivator, perhaps another Earl of the Broken Clear Society, and she was ten feet away from the centre of the explosion, so I think she might still be alive! “