Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5711

  I had thought that Lin Wan’er had probably been living in a place off the beaten track for so many years as a way to escape from the chase, but I had never thought that she had been walking on the cusp of the whole world.

Even, in the process of her own escape, she still thought of doing her part for China, which is highly in line with Lin Wan Er, and indeed, a tiger’s father has no daughter.

At this point, Lin Wan’er continued, “When I first arrived on Hong Kong Island, I made contact with the Xing Hua Society through some of my previous connections, but just as I was about to meet them, I was ambushed by the dead soldiers of the Qing Breaking Society, and it took me nine deaths to escape from the tiger’s mouth.”

Ye Chen asked her, “Someone leaked the information at that time?”

“Yes.” Lin Wan’er nodded and lamented, “My slave did not know at the time that Wu Feiyan’s people had already started to infiltrate the Xing Hua Society.”

Saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “After that escape from death, my slave realised that Wu Feiyan had already started to infiltrate and lay out in the world from Asia to the rest of the world, and went to South America, which was relatively backward;”

“On the eve of the First World War, when my slave heard of the abdication of the Xuan Tzu, she was so excited that she did not close her eyes for three days, so she ventured back to China by tossing and turning;”

“After living in Yanjing for a while, my slave went to the north to travel for a while, until Japan launched the 9-18 Incident in the Northeast;”

“After 9-18, my slave felt that the situation in the north had suddenly changed, so I returned to Yanjing again;”

“After the 7-7 Incident in 1937, the Japanese Fascists invaded China, and since I was a woman and had no power, and since I had some children to take care of at that time, I could not take them with me to escape the war in China, so I had to take them to the United States again, and did not leave until after the end of World War II;”

Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “How could you have some children to take care of when you had been on the run?”

Lin Wan’er said seriously, “It was really hard for me to flee and travel all over the world, sometimes I broke my leg accidentally, and I didn’t even have anyone to give a sip of water to, so later on, I started to adopt some abandoned and displaced orphans one after another, and I would keep them around to raise them and teach them to read and study; ”

“The children of good character would be taken with me when I changed places, and the children of bad character would be given money and found a suitable family before I left the area.

“And those who seem to have no problems with their character and stay with me, I will choose the right time to tell them the secret of my immortality, after all, I have raised them from childhood, even if I don’t tell them, they will still be suspicious because I always look the same;”

“Over the years, my slave has travelled around the world, and by chance, I have made a lot of wealth and accumulated a lot of properties around the world, so these children who have been tested will be given some wealth and opportunities by my slave when they reach adulthood, and I will even give them some businesses to take care of, so over time, they will be able to blossom everywhere;”

Ye Chen asked in awe, “They are all your adopted sons and daughters?”

“Not really.” Lin Wan’er shook her head, “My slave didn’t want to be too sad when they passed away, so I never forgot to establish a clear sense of boundary with them, they grew up with my slave making them call me Miss Slave, some of them called me Miss Slave from the time they could talk, and at the age of dying, they still called me Miss Slave.”