Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5708

Lin Wan’er was taken aback by Ye Chen’s off-the-cuff name!

Tonight, it had been Ye Chen’s non-stop surprise, and she had been very calm from start to finish, only in a somewhat sad mood when talking about her late father.

However, when Ye Chen said the three words Meng Changsheng, Lin Wan’er was instantly appalled!

She subconsciously exclaimed, “How could you know the name of your master? It has been more than three hundred years since he left this world, and for the thousand years he was alive, he had also been practically in seclusion and cultivation in the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, so even when he was alive, very few people knew about it ……”

Ye Chen also could not help but sigh: “Meng Sheng, the word Changming, was born in the first year of Linde of the Great Tang Dynasty, a native of Chang’an, after cultivating, he called himself Changsheng Jushi and changed his name to Meng Changsheng ……”

Lin Wan’er was even more appalled: “Gongzi …… how could you know so much about the matters of your master? My father once said that Shifu had spent almost all of his life inquiring about the Dao, and the world knew almost nothing about him, besides, he had been flying the crane for almost four hundred years, where did you hear all this from?”

Ye Chen sighed, “This senior surnamed Meng, until he was five hundred years old, he had been in retreat in Shu Nan, by chance he saved the ancestor of the Jiang family in Shu Nan, because the ancestor of the Jiang family had two bracelets of the Phoenix Bone Vine, so he took one bracelet as a condition to keep the old ancestor of the Jiang family with him;”

“Later, when he was nearly one hundred and sixty years old, he left the Jiang family ancestor to go out and need to find a chance, presumably because he had almost reached the limit of his Yang life and needed to find a way to extend his life;”

“Decades later, he did find a way to extend his life, and now, combined with the information Miss Lin knows, this senior Meng Changsheng Meng, should have refined the Ten Thousand Ancient Everlasting Pill during that time;”

“Having refined the Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill, his yang life increased to five hundred years, so he returned to Shu Nan, wanting to honour that chance he had promised his Jiang Family ancestor back then, but to his surprise, by the time he returned to Shu Nan, that Jiang Family ancestor had just passed away three days ago ……”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen murmured again, “If the ancestor of the Jiang family had lived for three more days, perhaps it would have been him who obtained the Ten Thousand Ancient Everlasting Pills ……”

Lin Wan’er asked in horror, “Who is the Jiang family ancestor that Gongzi is talking about?”

Ye Chen said, “It was a titular disciple that Old Ancestor Meng took in during the first five hundred years of his cultivation, only that person had no talent for cultivation and was not a cultivator. From my point of view, the relationship between the two was more like a combination of the three relationships of master and servant, adopted father and son, and forgetfulness.”

As he spoke, Ye Chen told Lin Wan’er the whole story of how he had saved Old Lady Jiang by chance in Mexico, obtained the Phoenix Bone Vine, and then returned the favour to Old Lady Jiang and her son, and then gradually learned about Meng Changsheng’s life without reservation.

After hearing this, Lin Wan’er was stunned and speechless for a long time!

Only after a long time did she murmur, “There are such coincidental things in this world. Your son’s life encounters are really beyond the reach of anyone ……”

At this point, Ye Chen added: “Nowadays, it seems that there is no doubt that Old Ancestor Meng refined the Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill, but the Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill alone could only allow him to live until the Song Dynasty, but you said that he lived until 1663 in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, so that proves that he later refined the Hundred Revolutions Thousand Return Pill;”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen could not help but sigh, “Unfortunately, such a powerful senior ended up stopping outside the door of a thousand years of Yang life, it seems that it is not that easy to change one’s fate against the heavens.”

Lin Wan’er nodded and said, “The Mother Tree of Pu Cha also existed in heaven and earth for more than ten thousand years before triggering the heavenly tribulation, and according to my father, although the master grandfather lived for a thousand years, he only ended up reaching his end and dying without any illness, so I guess in the eyes of the heavens, even if he lived for a thousand years, he was still far from the height of needing to cross the heavenly tribulation.”