Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5706

  ”My father’s good brother, Wu Feiyang, was killed in battle in Huguang in that year;”

“Before he died, Wu Feiyang entrusted his sister Wu Feiyan to my father, but my father was surrounded by the Qing army and had no way to escape, so my father had no choice but to take Wu Feiyan and hide in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.”

“The two of them almost died in the mountains, but fortunately they were saved by a monk who lived in the mountains.”

“The monk was also a Han Chinese, and when he saw that they were being hunted by the Tartar soldiers, he felt compassion for them and took them as his disciples, leaving them to train in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.”

“In the twelfth year of the Yongli calendar, 1658, the Qing army attacked Yunnan and Guizhou from many directions, and the Southern Ming was in danger, so my father and Wu Feiyan left the mountains to fight the Qing in southern Yunnan;”

“But the two of them were limited in their ability, the Qing army was strong and strong, and there were a large number of Han Chinese, including Wu Sangui, aiding and abetting them, so the following year they broke Yunnan, and it was at that time that the Southern Ming Lamentations, as they say in later times, were ……”

“In the following two years, my father and Wu Feiyan re-recruited some volunteers who were determined to oppose the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty, and kept fighting the Qing army, but after all, they were so weak that they failed to change the pace of the Qing army’s gradual unification;”

“In the sixteenth year of the Yongli era, which is also 1662 in the Gregorian calendar, the great traitor Wu Sangui killed the Yongli Emperor in southern Yunnan, and my father was so grieved that, together with Wu Feiyan, he led the failed assassination attempt on Wu Sangui by the volunteers of the Qing Breaking Society;”

“He and Wu Feiyan were chased by tens of thousands of Qing troops, while the mainland was already occupied by the Qing court, so they had no choice but to go to Taiwan and join Zheng Chenggong to continue their resistance against the Qing;”

“But to their surprise, not long after their departure, news of Zheng Gong’s sudden death came to them, and they really had no choice but to return to the Hundred Thousand Mountains and find their master, wanting to retreat for a few more years to avoid the storm and to improve their strength;”

“However, the year after they returned to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, that is, in 1663 A.D., the Master felt that his time was coming, and he made arrangements for his afterlife, and gave my father and Wu Feiyan two pills of the Pill of Everlasting Youth, hoping that the two of them would one day be able to restore the rivers and mountains of the Han people ……”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er sighed, looking angry and despondent.

Seeing that she no longer spoke, Ye Chen asked tentatively, “That Wu Feiyan has followed your father in his campaigns for many years, and he actually wants to kill your father for a single pill?”

Lin Wan’er pursed her lips and shook her head, “Not really, Wu Feiyan had always loved my father, but my father had never forgotten my mother and had no love for her, so he had always turned her away.”

“After the two of them had obtained the Pill of Everlasting Youth, my grandfather died, and after they had settled his affairs, Wu Feiyan took the Pill of Everlasting Youth and asked my father to give up his plan to fight against the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty, and to live together with her in the 100,000 mountains. The two then had a quarrel;”

“My father did not want to leave me to live alone for 500 years, nor did he want to give up his family sentiment of fighting against the Qing Dynasty and restoring the Ming Dynasty, so he told Wu Feiyan three things: firstly, he would not marry again in his life; secondly, he would leave me the Pill of Everlasting Youth; thirdly, he would fight the Qing Dynasty to the end;”