Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5704

  ”My father said he had to die before I could rest in peace, and I was still young and unmarried and without any worries, so I could live well and live for five hundred years after taking the Pill of Everlasting Youth ……”

Ye Chen suddenly thought of something and said offhandedly, “You said you are already more than three hundred years old, so wouldn’t your children ……”

Lin Wan’er gave Ye Chen a sly white glance and said angrily, “Sir, although my slave has lived for more than three hundred years, I am still a clean girl and have never been married …… Moreover, my slave has been hunted for so many years and has to change places and identities every now and then, so how can I have children ……”

“Oh oh ……” Ye Chen hurriedly said with an apologetic face, “Sorry sorry sorry, my fault.”

Lin Wan’er said quietly, “My father had specifically instructed my slave that if I did not want to have too many ties, I must be all alone and not married for the first four hundred years ……”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Why?”

Lin Wan’er said, “Because the Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill will not make the slave grow old in the first four hundred years, only in the last hundred years will the slave begin to gradually grow old at a certain point in time;”

“For the first four hundred years if one were to marry, one would inevitably have to suffer the pain of watching one’s child gradually grow old until they die, and after that point in time, the slave would be able to grow old from seventeen to eighteen, to twenty-eight, to thirty-eight, and then gradually grow old again:”

“So, when that point in time comes, the slave will be able to go on to experience real life.”

Ye Chen nodded with understanding, the feeling of having a parent watching their child grow old while they themselves were youthful forever, must be very painful.

Therefore, it was a very wise decision for Lin Wan’er’s father to give her the Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill and explain that she must not marry for the first four hundred years.

So, Ye Chen asked her again, “Then what happened to your father afterwards?”

Lin Wan’er sighed and said, “My father was badly injured at that time, and there was nothing else that could heal his wounds with a magic pill, so he could only stay in bed to recuperate, but fortunately, there was no danger to his life, and if there was enough time, it was not impossible to heal ……”

After a pause, Lin Wan’er said with a sad expression, “But at that time, my father said that the person who injured him would arrive in Yunnan in half a month at the earliest, so he kept urging me to take that ring and leave home quickly so that the other party would not find him, but I refused to abandon him ……”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er said with red eyes, “On the seventh day after my father was sent back to Yunnan by the ring, he took advantage of my going out to buy medicine and left a letter before cutting his own meridians and dying ……”

Two lines of hot tears rolled down, Lin Wan’er hurriedly wiped them away with her sleeve and choked up, “After I buried my father, I left home and began a flight that lasted for over three hundred years ……”

Ye Chen exclaimed, “You’ve been hunted for these three hundred years?! By who? The Broken Qing Society?!”

Lin Wan’er said with a complicated expression, “In fact, the Qing Breaking Society was founded by my father in the year when the Qing army entered the country, together with his sworn brother and fellow student Wu Feiyang. The two brothers founded the Qing Breaking Society in order to expel the Tartars and rebel against the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty, only that the Qing Breaking Society changed completely after my father’s death and had no more connection with its name. the later British master of the Qing-breaking Society.”

Ye Chen blurted out, “The later Ying Master of the Qing Breaking Society, could it be that Wu Feiyang?!”

“No.” Lin Wan’er shook her head, “The later Ying Lord of the Broken Qing Society is Wu Feiyang’s younger sister, Wu Feiyan!”